New Stadium close to being a reality?

Well, the wheels turn very slow in Winnipeg. So when David Asper originally said he'd like the stadium to be completed in 2007 or 2008 we should have known the soonest it would be a reality is 2010.

Anyways here's some articles recently in the Winnipeg Free Press and Winnipeg SUN and regarding the new stadium, that make it sound like it will indeed become a reality:

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I can't wait until the shovels are finally in the ground for our much-needed new stadium! It's about time!

Winnipeg needs an NHL team!

Wow, good to hear some progress! Let's get 'er done! The sooner we have one successful stadium project, the sooner other current and potential CFL cities will follow suit.

Thats what I have been thinking, it just takes that one to make it succesful, and the rest are sure to follow. We just need the one guiding light to show the rest of Canada its worth the expense, we may even get some expansion to other cities like Halifax and Quebec. We just need that one team to show them how to do it right.

Read that in the Vancouver Provice newspaper today thats great news.

Super, imagine a better stadium in Winnipeg than in our nation's capital! Never thought I'd say that but it could become a reality. Makes Canada's national capital look, well, smaller than mickey mouse I'd say. :wink:

Hope Asper makes it a "Crown Jewel"!

So do I! As long as it doesn’t translate into the blue team beating my Cats of course!!! :wink:

As much as I'd like to see a new stadium I'm dissapointed in the design that Asper proposes. From what I've seen he wants a single level oval which menas that 50% of the seats will be in the end zones. So even if he puts in 40K seats the most we can hope for in regular crowds will be 25K. I really think that he needs to rethink the design and go with something less elaborate, more functional, and with 30K seats between the goal lines.

2Much, the Lambeau Field design though works quite fine. Maybe what Asper is thinking is that we should reduce the end zones to 10-15 yards instead of 20 and bring the fans closer to the action. And he can make a 40,000 seater less expensive with this design so do more with less. Actually, if this is his thinking, makes sense to me.

So now the new Stadium is going to be in Point Douglas. Sounds like there is some serious deal making going on.


Stadium dream soon reality?

By: Bruce Owen of the Winnipeg Free Press

Updated: June 20 at 06:28 AM CDT

The new home for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers stadium will not necessarily be at Polo Park, the Free Press has learned.

Other possible locations -- including the parking lots south of the Winnipeg Convention Centre as well as Point Douglas -- are now being looked at as a way to make Canwest executive David Asper's dream a reality.

The last-minute change in the game plan pitched by Asper comes as sources say an announcement involving the government funding is expected soon.

Asper's proposal has always targeted a site next to the existing Canad Inn Stadium near Polo Park for a new state-of-the art facility, which would be joined by a retail development.

Asper was spotted at the Manitoba legislature Thursday, coming out of a private meeting with Premier Gary Doer and Mayor Sam Katz.

Asper, who's pushed for a new stadium for more than a year, declined to comment on the latest developments.

"All I can tell you is that I just keep slugging along trying to get the deal done," he said.

However, the fact Asper is preparing to kick his smoking habit is one of the clearest signs an announcement on a new stadium is just around the corner.

"He says he's going to miss his cigarettes this summer, which means things are close," said one insider.

Bombers president and chief executive officer Lyle Bauer, a cancer survivor, has for a while been harping on Asper to quit smoking.

In reply, Asper told Bauer he'll quit when the stadium deal is done.

The stumbling block all along on the new stadium has been federal funding. But that hurdle appears to have been recently cleared as there are indications Asper has secured a federal commitment for the cash he needs. It's possible a shovel could be in the ground this year to see the stadium ready for the 2010 Canadian Football League season.

Asper's initial vision laid out to fans, taxpayers and politicians in bold blueprints, called for a $120-million stadium to be funded with $40 million from his own funds, $40 million by the province and $40 million by Ottawa, with the city throwing in the land and other amenities.

Asper would also spend a further $25 million on surrounding retail development.

In return, he'd take over ownership of the team.

However, rising construction costs have pushed that initial price tag much higher.

Asper will give fans a chance to experience the comfortable seating he wants for the new stadium in a special "Getting it Done" construction zone for this season's June 27 home opener against the Toronto Argonauts.

That does not say that the stadium will be in point douglas.
Right now the polo park location is still their number one pick.
Point Douglas is nothing more but a talked about option.
I do not want the stadium downtown at all and wish they would remove that option from the table.

I like the idea of Point Douglas for a couple of reasons (urban revitalization, waterfront) but the traffic would be a major concern. Two lanes in, two lanes out for 30 000 people? I'm not seeing that working too well. However I would take anything before the Ex grounds. ANYTHING.

I don't want to rain on the parade but wouldn't it have made more sense to consult with government before declaring you were gonna build it at PP with government funding ? It just seems to me, that the whole process has been assbackwards from day one and now they have just wasted 2 years for nothing ?

Hold on a sec here, not to throw a wrench into the enthusiasm, but WHY do we need a new stadium in Winnipeg exactly? I like the old one fine, and have never had any major problems with it - has anybody else? It also seats more than the current plans for the Point Douglas stadium call for (only 25,000 according to the Free Press).

Plus, we don't have to sell the team to David Asper.

I'm just sayin'.