New Stadium Being Built

I heard during the CGY/SSK game that they’re probably going to build a new stadium because of all these games being sold out. I also heard that if they did they would host the 2013 Grey Cup in the new stadium.

2013 grey cup... lets wait a few years to even begin thinking about that. I heard a rumor that the new stadium - we cant deny it its coming sooner or later - will have a 33,000 capacity. If thats the case dont even waste the time and money, whats an extra 5,000? They need at least a 40,000 seater

And you probably heard it from some dude who heard it from some guy who read it on the internet.

It was actually on Rod Pedersons' blog for a little while about a week ago. What I heard was they were looking into a 32,000 DOME stadium, and while most are against having a dome it would make sense if we expect to get a bunch of government funding to build it so it would be available to host other events during the winter months.

It's still way too premature as there hasn't been anything official. I would be in support of such a venture though, as during those 2 rain delays we really saw how bad it could get if there ever was an emergency in Taylor Field when it's sold out.

Dome would be the worst friggin idea ever. Part of the greatness about the Riders is playing in our climate, heat, wind, cold, omfg cold! its what being from the prairies is about and what being a part of Riderville is about.

Agreed that building a 35 000 seat stadium is dumb and if that is what they are looking at they should just expand Taylor Feild, and put the rest into improving the surrounding community (lest just say don't go down there unless there is a Rider game on)

It was mentioned during the last game. Hopson apparently has been having discussions with the Province and City. They mentioned given the number of sell outs and the prospects of the team, it may be an opportunity to move forward with a new stadium.

I would think a 35,000 would fit the bill, with easy expansion to 40 thousand.

I think 32,000 would be ideal, people seem to have short memories in regards to us actually selling out Mosaic stadium. Yes we are likely going to sell out the season, and we did well last year as well, but what happens when the team dips into a low and has a bad year?

I'd rather have 32,000 and it be packed every game than them go silly and put 40,000 in and have us only fill up 34,000 of it. It creates demand and interest, and when times get lean it should stay packed or darn near.

I'm in favour of them not building a dome, but you have to think of the larger picture, if they can use the stadium for trade shows and concerts between December and June, then it makes sense from the city and provinces point of view seeing as the Riders will likely put very little in terms of $$ into the project.

No i didn’t, i heard Glen Suitor say it during the Cgy at Ssk game.

my apologies

My mother works for the department of Indian affairs and they've always had an open offer for any developments tax free on their land...i know this cuz my old soccer club almost built a training facility on their land. Its a prime location just off transcanada highway west right on the outskirts of town...and the money you'd save would be astronomical

Suitor said what??...pfffft..... It's great too dream about such things as a new stadium though. It will have been 9 games before the temp. seating is ready......DOH!!!!!....yeh, that's right...DOH!!!!!......IT TOOK 17 MINUTES TOO SELL OUT THE ADDITIONAL 2100 seats,DOH! DOH! DOH!.....We have antiquated thinkers running the show .....By the time,if ever,we can decide on such a thing like a new stadium, Sask. will either be back in a recession,OR, building costs will have tripled from today's costs.....OH YEH, one other thing BOD, Remember this, A bad decision is better than indecision. You guys can't afford too sit on your hands when it comes to recruiting new fans......

I think they'd probably like to keep it downtown and make it part of the revitalization of the downtown area even though I think the experience would be better in a nicer area.

I fully agree with you on that...the only thing is were do u put it downtown? The only place i can thing off is where the old superstore is on dewdney and albert...but the owners want 12 million for the building. Then ur gonna want to get rid of the tracks too which is another expense.

But i think IF they do build a new stadium downtown they should spend more money and do it right...don't cheap out on it. Built in hotel (cuz we all know regina is short on them) confence center, or if you don't want a in a new office tower and you rent out the space for extra revenue? A new downtown stadium could change the face of Regina for the good...but only if its done right...and right isn't cheap.

There are plans to move the you could do a walk way from the existing convention centre through the casnio into the stadium.

However, the superstore site make the best sense at this time. Personally, I would be surprised if they could get $1m for the property and building. For one it has been vacant for how long. It will need a large number of upgrades to make it usable by anybody. The superstore property as it exists right now is almost twice the size of the existing field and parking. You could almost add in the practice field in there and it would fit on the superstore site.

I have a friend involved in commercial realstate in Regina and he said that the people that own the Superstore building are infact asking for 12 million dollars...not for the building but because they know how valuable the land its on is. Plus the group that owns it doesnt have to pay for a lease or any utility or mainenance cost for the building...and leasing out the parking lot to car dealerships pays for the mainenance to the lot.

Hate to say it but that area of town isn't cheap and the price is fixed....sorry guys

Yikes, they want 12m for it? Outside of a stadium, at that price they aren't going to get any offers.

I would say there is a significant amount of speculation going there. Regina has more ground level parking lots then any major city I know. Most of the car dealers have moved away from the Albert Street.

In a year or two of paying taxes they will soon drop there price.

They might think about builting it in Saskatoon. And before you all start saying they won't, just think about it. Middle of the Province, Bigger city,etc. It's possible.

I thought that the old Superstore site was being developed, with a few businesses locating there.