New Stadium at Empire to hold 32,000 with 75 % seats covered

This from BC Bids:

Pavco, the crown corporation responsible for BC Place, is seeking proposals for the construction of temporary grandstands to facilitate the formation of a stadium suitable for the playing of Canadian football or soccer.

Specific requirements are:

  • Capacity of 30,000 to 32,000 with at least 75% of the seats covered
  • Individual and seating preferred (to at least 85% of capacity)
  • Other facilities required include:
  • 24 private boxes
  • Media facilities (press box)
  • Broadcast boxes

The location in the Greater Vancouver area is to be determined.

RFP closes Nov 20th 2009
Winner announced Dec 5th 2009
Work complete June 15, 2009

Does anyone get the feeling that the lions may decide to simply set up shop at a smaller 32k stadium with the outdoor atmosphere like the old empire stadium...

Also its quite curious that Kerfoot still cant get that stadium going up, had it been built maybe the lions could have used it at least for next year.

Some cover is good news. I'm still very worried the plans and contractors aren't even set!

Hmmm…very interesting. What does "Individual and seating preferred (to at least 85% of capacity) mean?

Just learned that for those who would prefer not [or may not be able] to renew their seasons tickets for next year will be allowed to get their current seats back in B.C. Place for the 2011 season.

So they're getting a state-of-the-art $440 million dollar upgrade to get a stadium that will blow away any other in the league and where they can host a Grey Cup year... and they're going to set up shop in a small stadium worth peanuts compared to the advantages of the new one?

Yeah, totally going to happen.

There has to be some reason to spend almost 500 million on a roof when a new smaller stadium wouldnt cost that. They spent 1 billion on the convention center, why cant they move whatever other stuff they have at BC Place to there. Maybe they are going to try to get someone to move a baseball team in there. They could compensate the Lions and Whitecaps to play all their games on the road next year and it still would be cheaper. This whole thing doesnt make sense to me.

It was just a question. But BC place isn't being upgraded just for them, so whether they stay or not is moot. I do fully expect them to return to the dome, but still.

What if they can't find a contractor that can do the job by April within the budget? The deadline for submissions is in 8 days.

They intend on using the field area of the Hastings Bowl as a parking lot during the whole month of the Olympics so that's one less month of construction.

They installed 30,000 seats in Victoria for the Commonwealth Games in 1994 but I'm not sure of the timeline of construction.

Here's what it could look like:

Such a quick turnaround in the bidding process doesnt mean that they won't get a winning bid. It means that they already have the 'winner' picked, and are merely fulfilling their obligation to allow other submissions. - Talk about value for our tax dollars :thdn:

Gotta love the way government works.

They do nothing about deciding what to do with the roof for so long that it can't be done in time for the olympics; and when it comes time to spend money they can do that in an instant. What they should do is decide who the contractor is before they decide what work is being done. That way the payoffs and kickbacks can move the entire process along faster in the future.

How much would it cost?

That's not what that means at all. If you take a look at the website with all the projects open for bid, you'll notice that most of them are only open for bid for around 10-15 days. Not all of those are BC gov. contracts either. There are a lot of contracts open for bid by the City of Burnaby, City of Richmond, City of Surrey, City of Prince George and so on all with very similar lengths of time they allow for bidding. Now granted, this is a bigger project than most of those, but it still has a bidding time frame in line with a majority of projects.

So unless you're saying that all contracts done by any level of government in BC regardless of their political stripe are already decided and the bidding process is just a facade to look legit, or you're just trying to take a cheap but unsubstantiated shot at a government you dislike.

Either way let's try and keep this forum to football talk and use the off topic forum for political bashing.

As for the stadium, I can't wait for next season. It's going to be great to be able to attend outdoor games again. It's been a long 27 years.