New Stadium Announcer

8) As announced today, the TiCats stadium announcer will be Mike Naburs, of Naburs and friends fame, on 820 CHAM Radio.


8) Ooops, sorry about that. :wink:

Oh Great another Loud annoying PA Guy. :roll:


Don't know who he is, but I had a pretty bad feeling it might be Bubba so I'm happy about this lol.

I'd Rather of had Bubba ..

OH GOD NO!! His fake voice would drive me crazy. I'm not a fan of Bubba. My daughter once wanted
to meet him and (for some unknown reason) wanted his autograph and he only had time to sign one
for my oldest daughter and not my youngest and he wan't very nice at all. No thanks.

I have no idea who that is. I hope he’s good.

He comes from a country music station. No good can come of this. :wink:

LOL I just watched the video introducing him and my biggest concern is that he said he's looking for "catch phrases". Here's a tip to be successful.

NO CATCH PHRASES and NO NICKNAMES (rumblin tumblin Lumsden uuuuggghhh)

Let me be the first to suggest "Balsam Avenue Bengal Bunker" :stuck_out_tongue: :roll:

Great voice. Lets hope he can balance excitement and class

Sounds pretty good.

Here's hoping for a good year from him.

Here is the video

Sandy "cool and refreshing" Beveridge, Jo-Jo "good time" Walker. lol I miss Jason Farr already!


he does not sound all, i hope the voice he's using in the video is not the one he uses in the games, he sounds, i dont know how to put it, he sounds like Tony the Tiger...

I for one like it, he's got the intensity of Jason Farr without the roar in the voice which only makes it better.Besides, who better to announce for the TIGER-cats than Tony the TIGER :wink: :lol:

To ALL the freakin naysayers:
Just give him a freakin chance, he may pleasantly surprise all of you.

Good Luck Jim(Gomer), (Doh) I mean Mike!!!