New Stadium Announcement - Caretaker's Commitment

With a brand new, world-class stadium confirmed for Hamilton in 2014, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have notified their season seat holders of a special ‘Caretaker’s Commitment’ that would ensure every fan with season seats for the final season of Ivor Wynne Stadium in 2012 will be guaranteed the exact same pricing for the first season of the new stadium in 2014.

“The new stadium will be a facility that our team, our fans, our partners and the Hamilton community will be proud of for generations to come. As we prepare to begin playing in the new facility in a couple of years, the team and I would like to reward our most loyal supporters. Fans who commit to Ticats season seats for the final season at Ivor Wynne in 2012 will pay the same price for their season seats at the new stadium in 2014,? said Bob Young, caretaker of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Young continued, “This is a very exciting time for the Tiger-Cats franchise and we are absolutely thrilled about the possibilities that come with this outstanding new stadium.?

Commissioner of the Canadian Football League Mark Cohon commented, “Congratulations to the City of Hamilton, Toronto 2015 and the Tiger-Cats on completion of the stadium project plan. As a league, we're very excited that the Tiger-Cats will be the anchor tenant in a wonderful, brand new facility, beginning in 2014.?

"An intimate but modern new venue promises the best of both worlds: the sight lines and proximity of Ivor Wynne plus the comfort and convenience many of today's consumers expect. A stadium of this size can be expanded through the use of temporary seating, paving the way for us to work with the community and the team to bring Grey Cups back to Hamilton, and all the excitement and economic benefits they consistently deliver," added Cohon.

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LOL ! Better not be more than 22 000 season ticket holders in 2012. Funny…

While I try not to be too cynical :wink: , while reading through the lines of what Bob is saying, does this mean a large price increase for 2012 season's tickets?

maybe not, but just wait for 2015!

I dont’ get what is wrong with higher priced tickets? Supply and demand. Capitalist society and all…

I would suspect ticket prices will be similar to Montreal's. If you look at capacity, tickets between the 40 yard lines will likely be in the 100 to 110 a piece.

way too much imo for a 500 Football Team ..

My Tickets in sec 8 are 390 if we go Montreal ticket Prices it will go to 425.00
It tough getting the 390 every year.. that means another 35 to 50 Dollars a year .
Depending on any Price raise.

The economic analysis needs to go a bit deeper than this. There is the danger with a sold-out stadium - unless there is constant media hype - of locking out potential customers that broaden the base of interest (kids & younger folk especially) and fuel sales of ancillary items such as jerseys, caps, etc.

I don't know if any of us - or indeed anybody - knows a pan-Canadian analysis of this that's accurate. NFL models don't apply... nor do NHL simply due to the more localized and smaller league nature of the CFL.

Perhaps these sales aren't really important if stadium revenue increases. Perhaps stadium revenue increases dramatically over the first 7 years but then tails off as non-season ticket holders lose interest. In this case then the short-term analysis beats the long-term IF the short-term is deemed more important.

Of course, if one takes a communitarian analysis then it simply is nasty to not be able to go to games. From the individual's perspective then it's "wrong" IF the individual can't afford it. Of course, your own analysis suggests that you can and so don't see the problem. The problem with the communitarian perspective is that it presumes a form of morality to capitalism that doesn't exist.

Here are two possible approaches to answering your question.

Absolutely. Because we all know the ultimate goal is to be a .500 football team forever.

It may mean you might only be able to go to 6-7 games a year, may not seem fair to you but such is life…

I'd cut out and go LFL Games in Hamilton for 30 Bucks a Game..
The players are nicer to look at and save 300 a year.

By building a smaller stadium to create a demand is a mistake. If they are using Montreal as a model, with all the sellouts, they should look at the success Montreal has had. That is what created the demand. It would be interesting to see if the same demand would be there if Montreal had the same record as Hamilton over the past decade.

The team will have to increase ticket prices. The price commitment is only on season tickets. What about single game tickets. How much will the season ticket go up when the commitment is over? For the most part the people of Hamilton do not have the income of Montreal. The Ti-Cats will risk pricing themselves out of the market.

They must be a way to have the stadium in the 25,000 to 27,000 seat range. With that size I am sure the season ticket could still be increased in price, but reasonable price ticket could also still be available.

Also 22,500 seat seems like a step backward for a league that wants to move forward. Winnipeg is building 33,000 seat stadium, an increase from Canad Stadium. I am sure Regina will also increase the capacity of their new facility.

I agree, you would think a minimum 25,000 should be built.
Especially since the league always says the average CFL team needs between 25,000-27,000 to break even.

Aha.... these sentiments have been the foundation for my own comments.

You are probably right, they could price them selves out of the market. The people with money to spend hate going to downtown Hamilton, and a lot of people that goto games go in spite of the downtown.

Either way, the market will decide what prices are, the same way it always does.

The problem with the communitarian perspective is that it presumes a form of morality to capitalism that doesn't exist.
The problem with your analysis stems from your complete misunderstanding of the Communitarian perspective.

Go back and read some (more?) works of Amitai Etzioni ... there is absolutely no assumption of 'morality' in the critique of Capitalism - quite the opposite, actually, which is the entire point of the Communitarian movement.

I hoping to see better then 500 Finish and East Semi Win..
That will get back for sure.

Right now There on right track but we still have Major holes in the defense.

My view is that if people think that ticket price increases due to less seating thus creating demand will cause the locals not to go to the games because of affordability then they should not build the new stadium in the same location.
When the stadium debate was ongoing the team constantly said that they wanted to expose the Tiger Cat brand to areas outside of Hamilton. They wanted to increase their exposure to other markets where not alot of fans come from.
Thus their view of a new stadium with highway access.
So, if current ticket holders are saying they cannot afford increases in ticket prices then to maintain and increase future revenues the team needs this new stadium built in another location: Confed.Park, Aldershot......

Well that's fine and dandy I still wish it was not at Ivor Wynne as it really screws up that season and if its late early part of the following season .The best would have and should have been the old plan of a new site but lets not rehash that idea or we could lose everything . I like the idea of Ron Joyce down at Mac with Temp seats available but for the rebuild years I think I am going to pack up and not buy season's during the rebuild because the bottom line is it is a BIG INCONVENIENCE for a lot of the fans :roll:

It's never been said explicitly, but reading between the lines, I'm thinking that they won't be selling season tickets during the rebuild.