New Stadium and Ownership a REALITY

....BIG news breaking today....the announcement concerning the Bombers new digs is at hand...10'30 this morning.... :thup:
This has been a long-time coming....finally the Bomber fans have something they can really 'cheer' about :rockin: :rockin:
...message for the dog....
Sorry were so very well, ill-informed.... and ....about as wrong as you've been about a lot of things concerning this team...hope you come around....and drop the negativity... :thup:

See you at the new facility...and what a good one its gonna be/////// :thup: :rockin:

....sanjay.....jets......and other non-believers.......see :lol: :lol: :lol: turn to be 'smug' :lol:

I was excited about this news for a second.

Then I realized this is about the 5th or 6th time they've announced that the "new stadium is coming soon" via press conference. I'm not trying to be stir up trouble here- remember all the announcements like these since 2004? The Polo Park location was a "go". Then it was "polo park is out; Point Douglas will be the place!"... now it's "The U of M location for sure".

Remember guys; this is Winnipeg. A city that took 20 years to build a new arena.

I'm still betting on my summer 2025 date for completion of this thing. When it's done; and when the Blue Bombers are no longer community-owned I'm buying season tickets!

Can't wait to meet you all!

Cannot wait for the new stadium. Canad Inns is a dump but it still feels like home. How many other stadiums can you roll your ankle five times on the cement cracks in the concourse just trying to get to your seat?

:lol: ...guess there are some things you just can't bring over to a new stadium... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats good news for you guys. An owner with deep pockets. :thup: :thup:

...THANKS's been a long time coming.....and for a guy who has seen this stadium for many years...go from the 'house that Jack built' it's present unsafe condition...what a relief....I hope the new digs are 'done right'....that's not always easy to get across to architects and building moguls....but if they follow up on what's promised....Bomber fans will be in for many years of great CFL football....There is one hurdle remaining before Asper takes complete control and that would be the development of Polo Park..(the area where Canad Inns is at present)...This is going to be retail space/ cash generator for the Aspers....This is a done deal once the stores open...Shovels will be in the ground this fall....can't wait.... :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

Of course the dumbest idea for a stadium is the one that gets adopted. It has the highest potential for return for Asper’s business. Asper gets the current site in order to put up more damn retail space – as if we don’t already have failing retail districts that need improvements.

The UM site is going to need major infrastructure upgrades that are apparently going to be paid by civic taxes.

At no time and under no circumstances should stadiums be built anywhere near people. I can see the whole project being held up by nearby residents angry at the huge drop in housing values. And they have a point.

The new stadium will have only 30K seats and in an oval at that. It means that half the seats will be in the end zones! Great deal eh?

The original plan was the best one because the infrastructure is in place at Polo Park and no one lives close by. Even Madison St is mostly rental housing and the values are low there because of the proximity to PP.

Conservatives are the dumbest people in the world. They point to themselves and say “we get things done? but they never stop to think that what they’re doing is stupid.

Asper is getting this deal because he’s a member of the MB-Cons. So are the majority on Council and the fed-man is a former member, now federal minister. The deal stinks all the way. Build it at PP with those 30K seats between the sidelines. The best stadium in Canada is Commonwealth. What the hell is wrong with copying it?

Yeah, yeah, I hear all of the rants against this post already.

I'm a Rider fan who moved to Winnipeg about 10 years ago. I sat through all the anti-MTS center whiners and I'm going to guess you were one of them as well.

Based on all I have seen, the Asper family tends to lean Liberal so to say they are died in the wool Conservatives is simply politicing on your part (though I will admit the sons are trending Conservative rather than Liberal in recent years).

Locating the stadium at the U of M is by far the best decision if the goal is to maximize its use and get the most out of the facility. It will be a boon to university athletics and should make the U of M an even more attractive place for student-athletes which will help bring people in from around the country. It also will draw the curious to university games in the first couple of years by which time hopefully the Bisons will have built up a solid following closer to 10,000 fans per game.

Yes, there will be residents complaining but geez, this is Winnipeg. I've never seen a city more interested in the NIMBY approach to development of any kind.

First off - I'm the one who put the idea of building an arena at the Eatons site in the heads of people to begin with and I have the letter from the mayor to prove it.

This is a project that absolutely HAS to be done right and it HAS to meet the needs of this particuar city. All development comes at the price of being irreparable. Once this is built we can't just then decide that a mistake was made at no cost. We're talking about more than dollars and cents here.

Sure the UM need new facilities but that should be a seperate issue. What we're looking at here is placing a permanent structure in the wrong location and one that does not not meet the needs of those who will be paying for it. Once the mistake is made there will be no going back for more money to fix it.

The present location has all of the advantages and none of the hassles. This would best be built downtown but what are we going to expropriate to do it? The original plan was a no-brainer.

Also, Apser the younger broke from daddy's Liberals long ago. He knows where to hitch his horse at the saloon.

...I've got one statement for you 2much....When you put up the kind of coin Asper has....wouldn't you expect a return...The site for this new venue was hashed over ad nauseum.....We would like a new stadium in the near future ...not ions from now...Due diligence has been present at every turn on this deal....It's time to GET ON WITH IT....see you at the new digs... :thup: :thup:

As for the political involvement ////How is it that the feds. (conserv.) could get together with an ndp govt. as well as the city (libs.) and get this thing off the ground....Politics was surely a minor player here....wouldn't you AGREE.... :wink:

Hi Pappa

We all want a new stadium before the current one is finally condemned as unsafe. My opposition is with the site, the design and the cost. Sure Asper wants to put money into this and good for him. However, the team would not even be here now for all of our enjoyment without years of public support. The white knight mentality being displayed just doesn’t wash with me as I’ve seen this before.

Just a little while ago the same guy floated the idea of placing the project in Point Douglas and he had a drawings and models prepared for that as well. Once all of the ancillary costs were added in we found out that it was a non-starter. Now he’s falling back on plan B. Plan A, was to have the current site turned over and the new building erected in stages with team costs covered by Asper. He was to make his money back with retail space on the same site. If I remember correctly, no one had any objections to that plan. The only reason that I can see for Plan B is an opportunity to make even more money at the current site from retail.

The proposed stadium will have 30K seating with fewer seats between the goal lines than we now have. From a spectator point of view that’s impossible for me to accept. The number of times the facility will be used over the course of a year does not justify the expense for the proposed monument. Once the roof is in place Grey Cups are out of the question.

The present site has all of the advantages: roads and parking in place, no neighbourhood issues, and widespread public support. Let me ask you a question – would you, or anyone you know be against rebuilding on the current site?

The city council is by no means associated with the MB Liberal party. In the last election the Cons ran a full slate of candidates with identical lawn signs and lots of money for promotion. They are the majority on council and call all of the shots. None of those elected were supported by their own money so you know they must be working for someone – that’s how the game is played. The provincial commitment has always been to provide part of the funding once a plan is in place. There was no caveat that the plan would have to be a good one.

Maybe I’m being harsh, but when it comes to the dealings of MBCons I will not simply nod to them. They have proved to be duplicitous in the past so my level of suspicion is high.

.....Changing the sites for the the new stadium...was part of the process and due diligence ,i believe....IF you are continually thwarted at every turn and exhaust all possible avenues....i'd say in the end you have come up with the right site ...Also i don't think you would've had federal involvement if the site chosen was any different than the U of M. In any event I'm happy with the locale...When feeder routes are up-graded and infrastructure completed...the surrounding populus will find it more than acceptable.

I think the size of the stadium is quite can be expanded to 45,000...and you can bet the Bombers have already put in their order for a Cup in 2013....IF they can hold a Grey Cup at Canad Inns....they surely will find a way to get one into the new digs :lol:

Politics, like i said, definitely played a minor part....Your take on political affliations on the City council are definitely only yours
I happen to know different... What appears sometimes, on the books cover ...doesn't exactly reveal all of the contents :wink: and i'll leave it at that.....

All in all this new stadium is going to be the salvation of the Bomber franchise....delaying it any longer would have left a huge question mark ...and so.....GOBIGBLUE :thup: Bring it on :smiley:

More whining and negativeaty, this may be the 6TH time (as you think, even though there were only two and one was to just announce Aspers plans), look man face reality, the stadium is signed, sealed and delivered and everyone is on board including the City, Province and Feds, shovels will hit the ground before you know it, so good luck getting a ticket in 2011!!

First off I will bring up your topic on infrastructure, if it was a big deal the government and the city and Asper would not go for it, i am positive that it was brought up and already settled.
Now your next so called argument about having a stadium "Near people", come on that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard, last i checked alot of people from the university are embracing the idea, why? cause more businesses can grow there and the people who do have houses in that area would welcome new restaurants, bars etc.
Now to your next argument, the 30.000 seat idea, perfect size for the CFL and will sell out every game, oh and by the way i guess your blind and deaf "THE STADIUM IS EXPANDABLE TO 45.000 SEATS". And an oval stadium is not a bad idea, i would rather buy a ticket in an endzone or corners at the new stadium rather than buy tickets in the endzone and the 4 FAR sides of the Canadinns stadium, the NFL has a load of "oval" stadiums and people sit in them all the time, to me that's an upgrade over what the Canadinns stadium is or any other "similar design".

Oh and as for Asper getting a retail space, the guy is a business man, of course he wants to make money, who would not and everyone keeps bringing up his businesses, yes they are doing horrible, but remember EVERY BUSINESS IS DOING HORRIBLE, IT'S ROUGH TIMES FOR EVERYONE and it will improve over the years and Asper will look like the smartest business man in the world

I’ve been doing some checking behind the scenes and the UM plan is not a done deal. Reports are due from several departments including an assessment of existing infrastructure at UM.

Plans are currently in the works for major road and infrastructure improvements on St. James St. and Empress St. so if significant improvement is required at UM the stadium is unlikely to be placed there.

Since the idea for a new stadium was floated several years ago I’ve paid attention to the debates concerning new buildings in the US. All of the newest structures are being placed outside city limits or on marginal land due to concerns raised by homeowners and businesses. Football stadiums are not in such frequent use that bars or restaurants locate near them in the hopes of a great influx of business. Baseball stadiums are a bit better at attracting business and multi-use arenas are best of all. I just can’t see how a facility in use only 15-20 times per year will attract any new business.

Whenever a CFL team has a normal crowd the end zone seats are near empty. Ticket price is not the issue as it always the most expensive seats that sell first. A normal Wpg crowd is currently 23-24K and will not rise above that. Exceptional games will sell out of course, but the bulk of the corner and end-zone seats are empty most of the time. The point of having a stadium at all is to provide spectators with a comfortable view of the game. That is best achieved with seats that are facing the field. Having sat in corner seats in the old Empire stadium I can say unequivocally that craning ones neck to make out the play turned me off of ever sitting in corner seats in an oval stadium again. As well, seats near ground level in the end-zones means that the play may as well be invisible beyond the 30 yd line.

Oval stadiums were the rage a number of years ago. The latest stadiums have done away with the oval in favour of separating the end-zone seats and raising them well above the field so that the view resembles what you see in end-zone views on videogames. NFL stadiums with oval seating sell out as that is the stadium that they have and those people demand tickets. When the MGBs sell out, the last tickets sold are the corners and end-zones. There is no huge demand for those tickets and people would rather sit where they can see the play properly. Detroit has not sold out in years so you can see clearly where people would prefer to sit. Most seats between the goal lines are filled and some people enjoy sitting high up in the end-zones. The lower end-zones and corners are empty.

Our new building does not need to be grand or beautiful. It needs to be functional with all seats facing the field. This is going to be the structure that we will have for 50+ years and it has to be done right the first time. As time goes on it could be beautified or expended. As we’ve seen with the current structure expansion is only a stop-gap measure and leads to structural problems. We have the land within city limits, road access is going to be upgraded and there is nothing currently close by which would suffer from rebuilding on the current site.

....Believe me its a done you think for one minute that the federal govt., provincial govt. and city would be left standing with ' egg on their face'....not a chance.. There is so much exhilaration at the prospect of this venue at the U OF M. it's unreal....To suggest there is some sort of 'hitch' that will lead this venture to fail now is disingenuous at best...See you at the new facility in 2011..... :thup:

You mean an owner who owes billions of dollars to his Can West creditors. I wonder what the CFL head honcho's think of that. The Glierberman's are alive a well in Winnipeg.

It's not so much the stadium idea that turns Bomber fans off. It's the whole idea of Asper owning the team that has turned many Bomber fans off. Did you see in the Free Press a while back he was whinning and crying for Bomber fans to give him a chance. He knows that many fans despise him. Just look at Bomber threads. Only a few sheep are left to post.