new stadieum in ottawa?

Having read a post by one of the people trying to bring a cfl team to ottawa, I find what I read a bit informitive, and a bit wishie-washie. The problem as I see it is, trying to build a place that can house the junior hockey team at their present location, and being able to build the stands that can take the weight of the fan stomping crowd watching football above.
Once people realize that the stadieum will not be able to house a regulation european or world cup socer field, the issue of building our product will become as difficult as a project, that most engineers and public suport have been able to handle as, most issues in the past.
I would say that it should be ok to rip down both stands, north and south, and put more iron over the roof of the hockey rinks roof. Rebuild the north stand, keep the end zone seats, both east and west, and build a structure on the south side that either houses the washing facilities, and the south stucture can also be built to help with deflecting the wind to where ever it wants to go, so that the ball and fans do not feel the winds full force.
The current generation of yongsters, have the know-how on installing all the devices to help save energy costs, see their machines work, and have a nice neat place to watch cfl football, and smaller size soccerfield, and any other sport that can be played on the field that the people of ottawa and region, see fit to promote.
I am patiently waiting to see ottawa have a team again. Weather or not they play in ottawa or anywhere else in canada or the usa, as long as they have the name ottawa, and their roots are from ontario canada, and they play other cfl teams, I believe that the quality of the game will be good. :slight_smile:

As i understand it the new plan would have the upgraded arena not connected in any way to the football stadium.Frank clair stadium has hoted many international soccer evens the world under 20 championship as a exzample.

Not sure what you are on about, any CFL sized field is big enough according to FIFA rules.

Yes, the propaganda that was coming out of Toronto where they purposely shut out CFL football with that stupid cemented end-zone (looks good on them now since Garber has come out and said that soccer specific stadiums are no longer required, along those lines, look at Vanvouver and Seattle, two perfect examples) made it seem that soccer and football wont' work. Of course it will and Garber wants in on some new CFL stadiums, smart man.

After all the trash Garber has said about the CFL and the problems he caused in Toronto. The CFL would be wise to stay clear of that two faced mofo. Now that he see's the Hunt group will run the stadium in Ottawa and Saputo is not going to get taxpayer money for his privately owned stadium he's a friend of the CFL ! Can't trust that arby's sandwich...