New Sportsnet Magazine Gets a Big Fail From Me!

I received a complimentary copy of the new Sportsnet magazine in the mail today. I wish I hadn't! It made my blood boil! Billed as: Canada's All-New Sports Magazine, it featured Don Cherry on the cover along with three other hockey stories and a large corner reference to the NFL! The only reference to the CFL on the cover was a smallish upper right reference to: Why the CFL is dead in Toronto (a one page article)! The only other significant reference I could find to the CFL (after a quick perusal) was a one pager on who might win the Grey Cup.

This supposedly Canadian magazine has only two out of 98 pages ( one of which is completely negative) dedicated to the CFL the week before the playoffs! This is absolutely pathetic. It's time we got after our media, especially the clowns at Sportsnet, who could single-handedly raise the profile and popularity of the CFL by playing it up a bit.

Send them your condolences, Guys. Let them know that our league, the oldest and only significant Canadian league deserves to be treated with respect.

you just learned that Sportsnet is a Toronto based company and they don't treat the CFL with the same respect as they do for the NFL.

heck on their mobile app, they don't even have the CFL in the main options. you have to go look for it.

I have always believed that Sportsnet has never put a lot of effort into the CFL. and when they do they copy it from other sites and never have their own ideas. they allow guys to write negative articles about it as well.

what do you expect Rogers owns Sportsnet, the magazine won't even be around in 5 years.

and the CFL is dead in Toronto, it's up to the Argos to turn that sinking ship around.

It's an actual, physical magazine? In this day and age, why would any company start a magazine?

Anyway, Sportsnet has never been good with CFL coverage. Even before it was owned by Rogers, I never remember a lot of CFL coverage. I don't know why they're CFL coverage has always sucked but it has always sucked. Such is life.

it sucks because they don't give the CFL the respect it deserves!

Paper mag publishing is an antiquated and obsolete business in this digital age.

Rogers treats the CFL like Rodney Dangerfield.....with NO RESPECT

There is an obvious reason why Sportsnet has little CFL coverage -- they do not own broadcast rights to the CFL, and their primary competitor does. Anything Sportsnet does about the CFL on any of its platforms promotes a product that is the second-most important property of its competitor. So why would they do a lot of coverage on the CFL? I don't like it any more than anyone else here but it is just one of the realities of business.

this is why other sports leagues spread their games over multiple networks.
so every network has reason to promote their league.


That is precisely why the CBC will be getting CFL games in a couple years. Unless a broadcaster has a stake in a product, they're not that likely to promote it.

but how well can the CBC promote the CFL?
i don’t think they can.

i’d say, have Bell media split between TSN and CTV.
if they refuse to show games on CTV, then sell 1 game per week to Global ( who wanted to bid last time ).

I received the same magazine today. Rogers must be sending it to everyone in Ontario. :lol:

No kidding, eh. Money well spent...

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL all have plenty of teams (and hence, games) to distribute local, regional and national rights to multiple cable and regular TV channels. The CFL doesn't have that luxury.

Sportsnet is owned by Rogers? The Toronto Blue Jays are owned by Rogers? Does Sportsnet/Rogers want another sport competing with Blue Jays baseball in the summer months?

Here is the answer I received:

Thanks for your recent email. We certainly appreciate the feedback.
We have forwarded your comments to the Editor-In-Chief, Steve Maich.
We hope you have seen the edition that came out on Thursday, it featured
a CFL playoff section. As well, depending on where you reside in
Canada, the issue had the CFL on the cover.

Jim LaChapelle
Audience Relations