new sportsnet channel

I saw thismorning, sportsnet is introducing a new channel, sportsnet one.

Does this make sportsnet a potential bidder for the CFL rights when the current CFL TV contract is up with tsn?

Sportsnet would now have the option of showing CFL games on sportsnet while bumping conflicting blue jays games to sportsnet one.

Even if the CFL stays with tsn, the emerging sportsnet one channel can drive the CFL TV rights price higher and maybe cause a bidding war!

Could get interesting!


this is "ROGERS" Sportsnet you're talking about here.

you're forgetting one thing.

Rogers is pushing for NFL in Toronto.

this new Sportsnet Channel means absolutely Squat for the CFL. you won't see any more CFL on Sportsnet than what there already is!

:roll: Sportsnet.... :lol:

oh well as long as tsn gets it because they have done an awesome job with the cfl

I don't think the Buffalo Bills network wants the CFL ? Why would you want a network that is in love with the NFL and treats the CFL as second rate league have TV rights ? TSN has saved this league and is the only network in the history of the CFL to televise all the games ! Why fix something that isn't broken ? It's not always about who has the most money and the CFL has been very generous in that regard !

Well I guess Toronto needs a second pro NFL network. :expressionless:

This is Sportsnet trying to be just like TSN. TSN got another channel, so sportsnet goes out and gets another one. I doubt i'll find myself watching Sportsnet's second channel because I RARELY watch TSN 2. They typically put bush league content on the second channel like Racing, Fishing(not even a sport), Soccer, Tennis, ect. BLAH. Give me more Football and Hockey then i'll watch!

I'm increasingly watching TSN2.

Why would you want a network that is in love with the NFL and treats the CFL as second rate league have TV rights ?
Exactly. Take an example from CTV, home of the Grey Cup!

People watch TSN all the time, it's the biggest sports network in Canada.
Who the hell watches sportsnet? I can't believe they can actually warrant a second national channel...

Sportsnet is comprised of all regional channels. If this is a national channel then perhaps they have an interest in bidding on the CFL rights. It can't hurt anything, the likelihood of them getting them is slim, it only helps to inflate the TV contract.

Sportsnet has a lot of decent content. Speaking specifically about Sportsnet Ontario:

  • Just about every Toronto Blue Jays Game
  • Many weekday Maple Leaf games
  • Live UFC events
  • NFL Games

Yeah my comments were an exaggeration. They have good NHL regional coverage.
Personally I only watch NHL games on sportsnet. I find the rest pretty much garbage.
I'm still surprised they can warrant an extra channel though?
Although CBC wants to do something like that.

I get TSN2 and most of the time they just repeat what's on TSN (specifically Sportscentre)

I don’t watch Sportsnet at all. It really sucks if you are a fan of a hockey team that isn’t in your region.

sportsnet has for a long time been 2nd rate in Canada for their sports.

TSN can't be beat.

Ted Rogers wanted to create a Canadian version of ESPN and make american look alike.

TSN is definitely top tier, but Sportsnet has very good coverage of the Jays and NHL. I watch most of the Oilers game on Sportsnet west and they have very good coverage.

You don’t have an option to get Sportsnet channels out of your own region? I have all of them with my cable subscription.

I think he's implying if you live in Ontario and are a fan of the Canucks or something of that sort. The games are blacked out if you don't live in the region. Since I'm an Oilers fan there's no issue for me.

That’s what I mean. I hate the Flames and I’m not a big Oilers fans but their games are the only ones I can get because of the blackouts.

And I’m a she, not a he.

Whoops, I likely won't remember next time either though.

  • Evanka Osmak

They still black stuff out. I'm in the maritimes and can't get any of Sportsnet's regional Leaf games, even on Sportsnet Ontario. They show poker instead. I'm not really sure what the point of giving me all four regional channels is when the only content worth watching on them is blacked out outside the region.

Sportsnet East itself is a total waste of time unless you like poker and Bob Mcgowan (and maybe baseball).