New Sports Radio Station in Vancouver

Rogers Media, which last month scooped the Vancouver Canucks’ radio rights away from TSN 1040, announced Tuesday they will be launching an all-sports radio station using their Sportsnet branding in Vancouver. The new station, called Sportsnet 650, will launch in the fall.

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Do you think this is will see the resurfacing of Dan Russell?
Now there's a guy who let grudges kill a career.

Sure as heck hope not. Russel was awful.

On the flip side, a new player in the local sport broadcast scene may boast Lions' local broadcast deal should the new Rogers sport station decide to go after them. The Lions may be the last hurdle for Rogers to totally take over the local sporting market after they realize that Toronto-centric content wont do well here.

Bell on the other hand may pay a little extra to keep the Lions to avoid the above situation.
Anyway you look at it, this should work out well for the Lions.

Thanks EastvanMark. I'll be sure to tune in.

Ahh, the old CISL-650 (“Smooth & Easy” music), basically the only AM music station to survive until now in Metro Vancouver. Will probably boost their listeners as a sports station.

Wow CISL 650 is a station I listen to all the time. Most people I know listen to it sometimes espescially if you're out on a date with a chick or somethin. Like i'm in my 30's nowadays but even in our 20's I would roll around in my Camaro listening to CISL 650 even on my own. And even to show my son that I now have older music.

CISL 650 has been a staple no matter what you say on AM radio. What about all the seniors that have listened to that station since that station first aired? Man that's kind of another heartless Rogers move if you ask me

New morning show hosts revealed including former TSN broadcaster Cybulski.

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He sucks just like EVERYTHING Rogers...

Rintoul will be joining the list. Kinda sucks for the Lions as he had tons of football knowledge and is passionate about football. Now he'll be forced to talk about the Leafs and Blue Jays.

What sucks even worse is that TSN1040's Fall line-up is heavily Canuck-centric. Even though many of the hosts are still big-time Lions supporters (Pratt, Taylor, Moj, Sekeres etc), they're doing the Canucks lunch and other Canucks specials to try and hang onto listeners instead of carving out their own sports niche. I have a feeling CFL will be an after thought, at least in the beginning, as both stations vie for Canuck talk listeners.