New Special Teams Coach

Much has changed in the workplace since Lancaster ruled the roost. Better keep up..
Now he'd be forced to smoke outside in the alley.
Now you can't just do things your way. Thank god for that.

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Belichick, Saban...

"They're not in the CFL"

Huff, Chris Jones....

I missed your point I guess.

Are you saying these guys have not evolved since the Lancaster days and do things strictly their way?

I met Lancaster several times and he was more than gracious talking to season ticket holder.


Yeah. Sure.

36 wins
44 losses
(.450 winning %)

Conversation over.

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Now do Lancaster.

I also met him when I had some business in the Ti-Cat office. Lancaster was really friendly and polite.


Met Austin several times. Took pictures with my kids.

Anyone remember the meltdown Lancaster had on CHML? Then didn't talk to the Spec or CHML forever? Said fans that call into radio shows have no life and should find something better to do (along those lines).

Or when he was in Edmonton and said Hamilton didn't deserve the 96 Cup?

Point is the "authoritative" types are a thing. Charlie Taaffe was HC at the Citadel for crying out loud.

We can do the whole selective memory thing all we want but Ron/Kent are more similar than people want to admit.

Austin was nice and polite to fans at times but seems there was issues in the locker room in 2017 .

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Definitely was issues in the locker room. Was time for him to move on.

Nice guy though. Gets a bad rap from the fans. After all he did turn things around after guys like Greg Marshall, Charlie Taaffe, Marcel Bellefeuille and George Cortez went a combined 53-99-1 over 9 years.


Might want to add Kollege Koach in there too.

I did. Hard to even remember him by his real name nowadays.

I personally like the way he was surly to Drew.:rofl: