New Special Teams Coach

Looks like we are in the market for a new coach

Damn, He will be missed, hopefully not too much.

The 63-year-old Reinebold returned to the Ticats coaching staff back in 2019 and led a special teams unit that ranked top-three in the CFL in numerous categories, including first in kick return touchdowns (5), big play returns (19) and opponent kick return touchdowns (0), second in kickoff return average (23.4 yards), opponent punt return average (9.1 yards) and opponent kick return average (20.1 yards), and third in net punting average (36.2 yards).

Under Reinebold’s tutelage, kick returner Frankie Williams won the 2019 John Agro Award as the league’s Most Outstanding Special Teams Player and was a CFL all-star,


Hoping it's a career/life change and not because he thinks the organization isn't serious about winning.

Coach Reinebold will be missed . Some other team's special teams just got better !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


Our next ST coach is probably already on staff, Craig Butler


I wonder how much the decision to "allow" Tim White to make that critical decision pushed him to decline the offer?


Hmmm :thinking: :thinking: my thoughts exactly .

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None - he told the guys before the East Final he was done


Now watch him wind up in Toronto or Jonestown signs him up for his Edmonton rebuild project .

Aloha coach. Best wishes in your future endeavours.

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Rumor is he's got health issues.

Hawaii sure looks good ; not sure I would want to leave .

Well if true hopefully it's nothing too serious .

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Best wishes to Coach Reinebold. Always had great special teams here and everywhere he’s gone. And seems like an all around good dude. Will be tough to replace.


yah in an article earlier it says that he has cancer

I hadn't heard, or read, "has," but know he had cancer, about 12 years ago. This, copied from a 2017 article, on Coach Reinebold, by Dan Ralph:
"In 2010 while he was a receivers coach at Southern Methodist University, Reinebold was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in his stomach that required two operations. Thankfully, he remains cancer-free."

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One of the top ST coordinators in the league, if not the best.

Wonder if he was being paid as such.


Best wishes to you Coach Reinebold. You were an exemplary coach and your passion for the players, staff and organization was always front and centre.

I have tons of respect for how you handle you duties and build relationships with everyone that you coach.

You will be greatly missed in the Hammer.

Have a happy and healthy 2022.


I wondered if the money wasn’t worth it to pick up and move here every year. Or he may just be wanting a job closer to home. From Coach E’s comments on the other site he had already told the team by the Eastern final.

You hear about young coaches getting paid squat to put in 70 hr weeks to coach in this league. I hope the league reconsiders this football ops cap or at least the money balance between executive type jobs and the coaches. Hamilton seems pretty top heavy with assistant GM’s and now Ottawa looks to be hiring Taman as an assistant GM who probably doesn’t come cheap.

Agree that Cats likely just promote Butler rather than hire another assistant. Hopefully he was mentored well.

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If it's cheaper you can bet it's being looked at.

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