New soccer stadium in Toronto

Let me see, this stadium, if it ever gets built which is now in the "on again" category with the CSA choosing the Downsview site, will be ready for summer 2007 for the FIFA U-20 championships. After that, they will be looking for new tenants. And it doesn't look like the Argos are really going to be consistently getting crowds any bigger than 28,000, at the most. And this year the Argos are in first place with an excellent team and even agains't the TiCats, their rivals, just 32,000! Not really that impressive. Imagine if the Argos have a losing season or two. And I understand the Argos first set of leases expires 2010 for the Rogers Centre.

My bet - you will see the Argos playing at this new stadium once their first set of leases is up at the Rogers Centre, even if it only has a 20,000 capacity. And this will be good, it will be better than going to the Rogers Centre for a game. It just seems that the Rogers Centre will never attract the really large fan base that the Argos should be getting.

Stay in Rogers Centre. it big ehough for a city like Toronto. a soccer stadium would be too small.

I hope that Australia, Canada, and the U.S.S.R. get the World Cups someday.

You Know What Your Talking About Kanga, I Don't Understand The Point Of Saying "The Argos Are Get Just 28 000 Fans" And Then Deciding To Support Building A Stadium That Only Fits 20 000. I For One Don't Think That The Argos Will Ever Sell Less Then 20 000 Tickets Unless They Move Into A 20 000 Seat Stadium. This Isn't Montreal, People In Toronto Won't Support A Second Rate Team. Look At The Phantoms, Lynx, Roadrunners, And College Teams In The City. Putting The Argos In A Stadium With A Capacity Less Then That Of The Skydome Would Be Like Saying That They Are Second Class And The Fan Support Will Go Down.

You Know What I'm Not Done Ranting Yet. Why Not, Instead Of Spending All That Money On Building A Smaller Stadium Why Not Use That Money To Reduce Ticket Prices And Try To Fill The Skydome. Granted 32 000 Isn't Great Numbers For A Pro Football Team But Looking Around The League It's Not To Bad (How Many Did Edmonton Get For It's Rematch) How Many Fans Does BC Get For Their Games? It's More But Not Much More.

I Say I'd Be Happy To See A New Stadium For Youth Soccer Or The Lynx, It Would Keep Them Out Of Esther Shiner The Place I Used To Play Football In And We Were Always Competing With The Soccer Guys For The Field. Soccer Is Getting Great Support In Toronto, I Was At The Roma/Celtic Game That Sold Out And The Two Games Here Two Years Ago Out Sold Almost All Of Their american Counter Parts.

I think Montreal descision to downsize was stupid. Their are a city of 3 million people and they play in a stadium of 25,000+? the econmic don't work. Toronto is a city of 4 million people with a roufghy 50,000 stadium, that works!

Kanga This Might Be Hard For You To Hear But Montreal's Stadium Is Only 20 202. The Team Is Happy With The Decision But I Agree With You Whole Heartedly. It's A Business And It Seems Like Making A Move Like That Is Saying That You A Trying To Cut Costs When We All Know That Montreal Would Sellolut A 30 000 Seat Stadium Every Game.

OMG.....if you have 30 000 people comming to games AND PAYING, how does it make sence to PAY for a new stadium that only allows 20 000....thats 10 000 people, who's MONEY the argos would be REFUSING.

a move to a 20 000 seater would not make economic sence!!!!

PLUS....what happens if the CFL grows in popularity in 4 years ( which has been the trend ) and the argos CAN sell 50 000 per game, BUT thier stadium only holds 20 000?....then they'd be missin out on 30 000 sold tickets every game!!!...and ON TOP OF THAT, they'd be payin for a new stadium.

montreal HAS a 20 202 seater and are renovating to make it 25 000, cuz they can't pay bills with only 20 202 per game....thats why they ususally play 2 games at the "BIG O"

Bamboo, if Montreal wants to be stupid, so be it! I'll just put them lower on my list. I'm really looking forwand to them using the Big O for the playoffs though! :smiley:

Should the Argos eventually move out of the “Dump”? YES!
Should they move to a stadium with less than a 40,000 capacity? NO!

nice call, argofan4life.

but the argos ARE drawing more fans then the bluejays at the skydome....and if, or when, they do start selling 40 000+ per game, the dome would LOOK pretty nice PACKED for an ARGOS game!!!

the argos signed a 5 year deal at the they'll be there ATLEAST until that year they will be drawing 40 000+, you watch!!!

Trust me, Kanga. If you think SkyDome/Rogers Centre is a dump, the "Big Uh-Oh" is even worse. I attended the 2001 Grey Cup there and I paid top price for a crappy seat over on the 10-yrd line, and I was the lower deck. I had to feel for the poor saps to paid an arm and a leg to see the game from their nosebleeds.

I Suggested (Last Year During This Whole Ryerson/York Talk) That The Argos Build The Stadium On The Block Of Bremner, University, And Lakeshore Between The Skydome And ACC (For Those Of You Who Know The City) It Was Empty Land Downtown, The Last Little Bit, Well Now A Condo Is Being Built There So The Argos Missed The Boat On That One. Back To My Point, Molson Stadium Worked So Well Cause It Was Moving The Team From A Run Down Falling Apart Dome (Not A Fairly New, State Of The Art) To A Place Overlooking The City (Not Out In The Suburbs With Airplains Flying Over Head).

drumming god: Actually, the number of butts in the seats at Blue Jay games would have to improve to be pathetic. I attended a Jay-Oriole game a couple of weeks ago. They claimed there was just over 20,000 there. They lied. Or they meant 20,000 arms. I know they report tickets sold rather than those in attendance, but I doubt there were 20,000 tickets sold. You can't trust anything Paul Godfrey is involved with.. Which is why I believe still that the Argos need to get out of the Dump.

so you want a 28,000 seater?

I am a Toronto fan…and I think that it is great. But, they did have 34,000 for Montreal game.

Now that you mention it, Bamboo, isn't that the area where the Leafs are building that "Maple Leaf Place" condo/office tower? Just what Toronto needs, another waterfront condo development on an overcrowded waterfront that they were allegedly trying to turn into more greenspace. That's the biggest load of bull I've heard since Jacobek testified at the MFP hearings.

toronto's water front SUCKS......WORLD CLASS LIKE.

hellothere: Do you mean world class sucking?

Some Of The Buildings Along The Waterfront Are Awsome, But Sadly They Get Surrounded By Many Disgraces. The One Advantage Of That Is That You Can No Longer See The Red Letters On The Side Of The Skydome. The One Building I Really Like Which I Feel I Should Mention Is The Three Condos At The Bottom Of York Street At Queens Quay. It Was The Runner Up In The Voting And A Nice Addition To The Waterfront That Our Mayor Miller Said He's Cleaning Up (Another Broken Promiss, You'd Think He Was A Liberal)

Actually From My Days Of Working At The Dome I Found Out That The Number They Say Is Attendance Is Actually The Number Of Tickets That Went Out. So All The Tickets The The Scalpers Don't Sell, And All The Tickets That Get Miss Printed, Or Returned Get Counted A Long With The Actual Attendance Numbers.

Geez, with that type of policy, no wonder some of the Dump/RC attendance figures look "papered". You'd think Vince McMahon was in charge of attendance/ticket sales.

no , too many buildings blocking the view of the lake.