New Slogan

Love the ad. campaign Blue Revolution...I guess they borrowed from the Tigertown campaign in Hamilton.

Plus if Kelly lays an egg they can rename it Blue Ovulation with little cost :lol:

....'You say you want a revolution....we'd all luv to see the plan'..(Beatles)....I guess we're about to see the plan unfold shortly...Lets see....revolution...meaning ..'the act of turning'...or turn-over in the Bombers' case....How will all the new pieces fit.....?????Unpredictable at this point, till the pigskin hits the air, and the Bombers set a new course for 09....It sure will be interesting....GoBigBlue.....


I'm hoping for a rainbow revolution in the East. Crossover's are embarassing and labour day games should be about more then bragging rights :rockin:

....AGREED..... :thup:..I know i said i'd never totally agree with you hfxtc, in another post....but here i go again....Guess you can list me as unpredictable.. :lol:

One of the things I've noticed this off season from all the Eastern Teams (including Montreal) is that they are making moves to get bigger, more physical. This will be very interesting and will make the eastern teams much tougher to play at home. It looks like they are saying if you are going to beat us your not going to do it without getting a chunk taken out of you.