New Site

New Site !! I likeed the old one but this one is pretty cool

The do a new one every year.
This is version 6 I think

I just visited for the first time today...

Well hello there handsome!

The Ticats have gone done it again!

  • paul

Great new look.

Lovin' it!

Guess the whole CFL got a site makeover, kick ass! :smiley:

Great job by the folks at MRX. Outstanding work, the new sites are all amazing! Loving the whole CFL Network theme.

Minus Calgary of course, they are too good to be on the CFL network, no need o link to another CFL team from the Grey Cup Champs page I guess!

Well considering that large portions of the Riders new site is not working I would not go overboard on this. Content is missing, ability to view with older browsers correctly has been lost. Overall while I think that some good innovations have come with MRX, the site lost some good stuff when they took over a couple of years ago. Sections about how the game is played, etc were lost. To often the information has been out of date. Bells and whistles are fine, but you have to get the content right.

Heck the Rider site is still shown as a Beta site, and when you try to log into the fan club exclusive forum, you are linked to an American minor league baseball team. This has been happening for a few days now, and there is not even a notice telling people what is happening!

I have to really wonder about the league using a business owned by one of the team owners. It makes it much more difficult to have a proper business relationship. And launching a new website at the opening of the season is just crazy. Even the best checked website will have some bugs, and this has not been the best checked site by any means.