New site SUCKS!

This is the second time the forum has been “updated” and the second time it has been made dramatically worse.

Nothing is laid out in a logical manner or easy to find. Just to log out is a 3 click yoga move “IF” you know where to go.

Nobody is reading this so I’m not wasting time on all the issues. If anyone does read it and feel the same feel free to add your comments.

Note to admins, just because you put up a fresh coat of paint does not mean you need to rewire the house.


Sadly the changes in the website are horrible! Don’t know what they were going for but it’s not easier to use.

Administrators wanted to use Discourse. Probably compared to other forum software, Discourse just has more feature boxes checked. If it were me doing the evaluation, I would disqualify them from contention because their UI is garbage.

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And whats with all the badges? Are we all back in kindergarten and need gold stars for validation?

I dislike the changes also. Bring back the pre 2010 look

I agree new changes suck bigtime, not user friendly that’s for sure, hard to find anything please change it back!!

The switch in forum software occurred because of two reasons:

  1. The existing software could not handle high traffic; the site would go offline if more than a moderate amount of traffic was thrown at it.
  2. The only compensating tactic was to add more servers to the mix, which was costing the league an arm and a leg.

Discourse is non-traditional and has a bit of a learning curve, it’s true - I’d not have made some of the user interface decisions they have. But because of the more than 50% lower cost of operation, the safety of going to new software that isn’t riddled with bugs and security issues and the fact that Discourse (the company) took on the migration work, it was the right decision to make.

There are other benefits too - I hope to start boosting the number of people taking part on this site by making Discourse power the comments section of, and have that site mention “discussions of the week” sorts of things to encourage more people to sign up. But first we had to get our house in order.


Thanks for chiming in Sully!
We are mostly older people on here who don’t really like change,
but, it is what it is and there is a valid reason for the change.

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Most people don’t like change, and this one was a pretty significant change in the site’s UI. It’s to be expected. :slight_smile:


I love the new layout, and even better... the MUCH faster performance of it. The old site was like pouring molasses in the winter outside. I also really like the post preview you get right next to the text box when typing a post.

I have zero complaints!

Also... may I remind everyone that this site is a free service offered by the CFL. If there is anything you dislike, then just remind yourself of the price.

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Noticed you replaced the hearts with thumbs when liking something .

I take it someone thought the hearts were not manly .

The old site was having major issues plus it always showed up as insecure .

The time to make a change was right ; it was well past due .


Yes now go back to your corner for another timeout? :smiley:


...Since the swapover I haven’t had to clean up after and then ban a guy from the Ukraine or Thailand, so I like the new system :grin:

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Bah humbug. They overthought it. Less was more in terms of 90% of functionality.

Well this will take time like any real and meaningful change. We roll on fine.

As it is still the first quarter, is there anybody else who also is very angry?

May I again remind everyone that this site is free to use. What do you people want... a refund?

Here's your $0.00 back...

There it is, the tried and true it's free so just be happy with whatever you get BS. People have a right to complain. The CFL wants to attract fans and this forum is one way they do that (albiet a small and insignificant way). Should they want to keep those fans they need to listen to them when they don't like things. It is the very basics of the free market system.

Also, you are free to just be happy with whatever crap they feed you and ignore those of us who aren't when we complain.

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I won't argue the technical side, what I am saying is there was no need to sacrifice user friendlyness in order to improve the sites technical issues. I'll say it again, when the house needs to be painted you don't replace the walls just the paint.

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You always have the option of not visiting if it bothers you so much. But if you can be so deeply troubled by the design of a site you use for free, then perhaps something bigger is going on.

You're not a consumer or citizen here. The only right you have here is the right to visit or not, along with whatever freedoms the mods choose to give you. They run the site. This is their house, and the rest of us are guests. Period.

Well I'm no techie wizard but after playing around on it for a few days I think it is great.

Thanks Sully and whomever set it up.

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