New Site Launch Cats Claws Fan Club

Hello Everyone,

This is a message from Backend Computer Systems to all of the Hamilton tiger Cat football fans.

Before the new season starts there will be a new website launching called "Cats Claws Fan Club"

The Cats Claws Fan Cub is a non profit organization housed at all of the Home games in Hamilton Ontario I am quite sure that a lot of you have heard of the Cats Claws Fan Club in the past. Regarding all of the great opportunities they provide for the community. These wonderful kind heated people would do anything just to help an underprivileged child be able to experience their first Home football game or even an Away game or even just to put a great big smile on the child's face.

They are the wonderful people that welcome you to the stadium every time your passing the security check areas around Ivor Wynn stadium

Reason for posting this to everyone is because myself & the development team would like ot know what we can provide everyone with the new website.

Meaning what is it you would like to see from the Cats Claws Fan Club ?

It can be anything please use your imagination I must request no negative feedback we are only interested in positive feedback from anyone that would like to comment.

Thank you everyone for your time greatly appreciated We value all of your comments.

This message has been brought to you by: Backend Computer Systems


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I would like to see a "Where Are They Now" segment. Former Ti-Cat players could be tracked down
to see how much their lives have changed since they retired. It would be interesting to know what they did (do) after their football careers.

It would be fun to look in on Winfield, Champion, Ealey, etc. to see whats new in their lives.
Are they married, how many children and/or grand children, favourite pass times. Do they still
support the team by attending the odd game or do they live too far away.

How would they compare today's CFL to the CFL of their playing days? (Rule changes, officiating, injuries, etc.)