New site/ how we are gunna do this season

How is everyone Liking the site soo far... How do u think the cats are gunna do!.... OSKIE WEE WEE TO ALL U CAT FANS :smiley:

"Despite the site!" should be the new Tiger-Cat slogan. I cannot believe that, with all the positive changes in the Coaching Staff and on the field, we have somehow gotten SUCKed into this new website. It is a definite retrogression. We once had quality, individuality, and character; now we have the dreary blandness of corporate-think. We are not well-served by this sham of a site.

with all the signings we did this year .. we should be able to win.. i think corey holmes is gunna be great this year and so is maas.. i think the ti-cats have the potential to win :smiley:

Site, will not do as well as the old one. Team, will clean up this year. Should be a good fight for top spot in the east this season.

Look at it this way...Bob is just trying to bring the rest of the league up to the standard.
They can always keep tweaking.

More like ti-cat ca dropped down to the level of the other sites.

we are gonna be amazing this year. I expect nothing less than that...nice site also. :smiley: