New site being considered- chedoke area

New stadium site being considered... Longwood and Aberdeen near chedoke golf course....see Spec story on the web

check it out here :D :D :D :D

Hate to say it but I suggested this site earlier this week

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Discussing it now on Bill Kelly show.

ok well this really pisses me off...
If they are looking at new sites where is Confederation Park?


Chad don't want it there.

I like this spot

who cares what Chad wants, its a great location.

Where it should be, forgotten.

This Aberdeen site is the best and only solution that solves all the woes for both the City and the TiCats, I have been on councils backs for months. Wondering why they havent consider it. Thankfully theres a air of common sense this morning.

Lets hope its a sign of things to come.

Agreed I like to see The RCMP Come in make sure there no Funny Business with Chad and Rest of Counsel

Bill Kelly says some councillors and some city staff

are interested in exploring a 30 acre property in the area
of Longwood Rd. and Aberdeen with the Tiger Cats.

It's on the south side of Aberdeen Ave.
and/or the road that exits from the 403.

Bill believes this property was one of the
10 properties the Cats wanted to explore.

The City owns the property. It is a brownfield site.

Bill has spoken to a representative of the Tiger Cats
who told him that they they will discuss any site

as long as it is not the West Harbour.

Let's put some work into seeing if it is feasible city hall!


The LRT will go right past Longwood Rd
on Main St. W to Mc Master University

and there are rail lines down by Aberdeen

YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!! LET'S START BUILDING THIS THING TOMORROW. I fully 10000% support the Chedoke area.

A long time ago I suggested (only half in jest) that they should bulldoze the site where the Spec is and build the stadium there.
But this Longwood area site would have the same visibility benefits and could be the answer.
Let's hope.
I knew things were too quiet lately!

This site is workable. Not ideal, but workable. There is limited rail access, so there is a chance of a small scale GO platform that runs on event days, it's by a Highway and has parking room to make Bob happy, it has possible commercial spinoff and McMaster student access if a pedestrian/cycling bridge is built into Westdale. It's also at the base of the escarpment, which could offer some nice views.

However residential housing development to the east and south at the golf course propose problems, as does ramp and traffic capacity which will need to be build and finished in time for the Pan Ams. It also may conflict with plans to build McMaster innovation park.

Confederation Park however should remain off the list, it's a terrible site for multiple reasons.

North side.
South is the golf course.

will this ever end? :lol:

In all seriousness, I'm glad the two sides are talking again. If this works for everyone, I'm in.

Confed Park and Aldershot are better locations. By discussing Chedoke the TiCats are proving their willingness to find a solution. Mayor Fred's pigheaded stubbornness nearly lost the city's team.

Thats still an option :wink:

This has been my ideal site since day one and I have wished it true I guess. I await opposition but cant imagine what its going to be based on.

I looked at the article and I don't see how the stadium could go there. The large vacant factory on Longwood Road on the west side of Longwood Rd. has been purchased by McMaster and there are several hundred thousand square feet of lab space already planned to go in there. The University needs this building because it has very high ceilings and it has no other space with such high ceilings. The University also likes it because the building has only ever been lightly used - Hotpoint built it to be a factory, but only ever used it for storage. The building, in other words, is a critical piece of McMaster Innovation Park and I can't see the University parting with it.

The other thing is that the Google Maps satellite photo is pretty badly out of date. Parts of the highlighted area in the Spec article are now occupied by the new Federal Government CANMET building.

There is another site nearby, however, just to the north-east of the one highlighted in the article that could work. I've been talking about it for a couple of weeks. It's a triangular parcel at the end of Frid St., east of Longwood, along the train tracks. The city has plans to extend Frid St. and connect it to Longwood, which could still happen, but it owns the land.

This site is bigger than the Ivor Wynne footprint and if they can acquire the parcel east of Longwood that is highlighted, then it would work really well. But I would say that the factory on the west side of Longwood is a non-starter, although McMaster's parking lots could probably be used for evening and weekend events.


Right, HTC Forever and it is so close to downtown

it could be argued that the downtown area will receive
an economic spillover effect before and after games

and million of dollars of business during Grey Cups every 8 years.

This Site I like it and would support it

But if city Hall dose not come back to Table with this site
Pick up Phone and Tell Bob You will move the stadium here.
If not Aldershot is better then losing them

Bill Kelly mentioned that eventually there will be LRT nearby at Main and Longwood. But there will also likely be a stop at Main and Dundurn and, in addition, the GO train goes right nearby, so it's possible to imagine a platform that is built right nearby that only stops there for special events...or maybe not.