New Sirius "Satellite" radio deal

I saw the announcement of a new deal between the CFL and Sirius radio......

is this a brand new arrangement this year?.....and do they have their own play-by-play staff?.....anyone know?


It's a new deal that starts this year. I don't know if they have their own play by play or use the host team as their source. In any event it is great news for the league and fans..even if I have XM radio.

heres the story:

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Monday, April 24, 2006 - 01:00PM

Official Satellite Radio Partner to broadcast 25 games annually

TORONTO -– SIRIUS Canada Inc. and the Canadian Football League (CFL) today announced a national multi-year broadcast and marketing agreement which will see SIRIUS Canada become the Official Satellite Radio Partner of the CFL. Under the three-year agreement, SIRIUS Canada becomes the exclusive North American satellite radio broadcaster for CFL games and content, including the 94th annual Grey Cup to be held in Winnipeg on November 19, 2006. In addition, SIRIUS receives exclusive rights to use the CFL logo and collective CFL team trademarks in marketing and promotional activities across Canada.

As a result of this partnership, CFL fans across North America will be able to listen to live CFL game action on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, the country’s leading satellite radio provider with the best and most exclusive sports programming available. Kicking-off at the start of the 2006 season, CFL regular season games, the playoffs and the Grey Cup championship game will be broadcast live on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

“The CFL is one of Canada’s most popular and premier sports brands and we are thrilled to bring it to SIRIUS Satellite Radio,� said Mark Redmond, President and CEO, SIRIUS Canada Inc. “This agreement with the CFL further enhances SIRIUS Canada’s superior sports programming lineup and represents significant strategic value for the company. Sports fans throughout North America can now listen to the CFL on SIRIUS in addition to live play-by-play games of the NFL, NHL and NBA.�

“We are pleased to be working with SIRIUS Canada as a Canadian leader in sports-focused content for satellite radio,� said CFL Commissioner, Tom Wright. “Our partnership with SIRIUS Canada provides CFL fans across North America with yet another innovative way to get into the game and cheer on their favourite CFL team."

SIRIUS Satellite Radio is also the Official Satellite Radio Partner of the National Football League and broadcasts the entire NFL regular season, playoff games and the Super Bowl. SIRIUS’ NFL Radio channel offers exclusive NFL content with news, features, and a wide-range of other programming.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Canada’s Sports Leader

SIRIUS Canada is the country’s leading satellite radio provider and offers Canadian sports fans the most extensive lineup of exclusive sports programming. SIRIUS is the Official Satellite Radio Partner of the CFL, NHL, NFL and NBA and broadcasts live play-by-play games of the CFL, NHL, NBA and NFL. In addition, SIRIUS Satellite Radio is home to broadcasts of U.S. College Football, English Premier Soccer, Arena Football and coming in 2007 – NASCAR.

SIRIUS Canada’s premium 100 full-time channel satellite radio service features the most commercial-free music and the best news, sports and entertainment programming available. SIRIUS Canada offers Canadians the most full-time channels, the broadest Canadian offering and the highest quality of satellite coverage among all satellite radio providers in Canada.

About the Canadian Football League

Building on a strong past toward a stronger future, the Canadian Football League (CFL) celebrates the best of Canada's game with fans across the nation. The 94th Grey Cup will be played in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 19, 2006.

About SIRIUS Canada

SIRIUS Canada delivers 100 full-time channels of the best programming in all of radio. SIRIUS is the original and only home of 100% commercial-free music channels in satellite radio, offering 62 music channels available throughout Canada. SIRIUS Canada features sports, news, talk and entertainment. SIRIUS is the Official Satellite Radio Partner of the CFL, NHL, NFL and NBA and broadcasts live play-by-play games of the CFL, NHL, NBA and NFL. For more information please visit:

This is great. Not enough to make me buy the SIRIUS system, though. With all 72 games on, I would definately get it.

If only we were not being ripped off on the equipment required!

Thanks for the replies all!......I'm not too up on all the new technology and I tend to go a long time before I get up the nerve to

Its a great step forward. I've been toying with getting satellite radio and this could be the move that seals the deal. I drive about 70hours per week and having some entertainment options in the car would be fantastic.
They mentioned the NHL but unfortunately, from what I've heard, XM will have exclusive rights next year and Sirius will be shut out.

I wonder if the CFL will have its own channel or be rolled in as part of an NFL channel? I could see the NFL doing this to fill time between seasons. If it means a larger audience for the CFL then thats great!!

do americans get the cfl from the satelitte radio?i heard they do but i dont understand the satelitte radio stuff well so can they?

:lol: :lol: Takes me a while to get up the nerve to buy! Didn't get my first CD player until 1996 and didn't get my first DVD player until 2 years ago :oops:

But.....back to topic. This Sirius deal is great for the CFL. And isn't it also great how Tom Wright managed to secure this deal in such a timely fashion with everything that's been going on regarding Ottawa and the Board of Clowns wanting to oust him?

If the Sirius CFL deal is like the Sirius NFL deal, then the broadcasts will be those of the home town radio broadcast. If this is the case, then does anything happen to the radio broadcasts being streamed online through the Internet?

I often listen to the CFL radio broadcasts via the Internet while I'm surfing.

I hate to plug Sirius on a message board, but Sirius is the way to go, my sister has XM and its terrible. Sirius has more news and talk station plus NFL, CFL, NHL, NCAA, Nascar sports. You get to hear Howard and contiunous sports talk can't beat it. NFL around the clock. The best way to get a receiver is either online or at Walmart.

And to answer another question. No Americans will not receive games because its a deal with CFL Canada. Don't get me wrong i'am going to press them because they play the boring Arena Football games. The only stations canadian that americans receive are the CBC Radio, and premiere plus a french-canadian speaking channel.

It doesn't matter where you drive. Say your Canadian and cross into the US you still have your Canadian Stations. It's pretty good when your taking road trips and don't have to change the channel. On my recent trip to Montreal i listened to 5 hours of Howard Stern, made the time go by fast.

To be honest sattelite radio is going to be just like cable tv, once you switch you addicted especially if you have a job driving. I cannot even listen to regular radio anymore way too much advertising. So for the people that don't have it stop being cheap and get yourself one. At first i wasn't impressed because i didn't know what it had, then once you get to use it you can program your stations you'll never go back.

great idea, I don't have one, but I seen them at wal mart, this is a great way to shear the popularity of the league world wide.

now on to showing games on the intrenet.

I'll still take good old radio over satellite any day. Why in the world would I pay for something I already get for free? That's why there is ads on radio, so I don't have to pay. But, hats off to the company that managed to convince people to pay for a product that costs nothing, is standard in every car and on every stereo system. Maybe there is a market out there for "Magic Beans" after all. Besides, this time next year sat. radio is going to be plastered with advertising. With that many peple listening, companies will be driving dump trucks of money up to SIRIUS door saying "We want access to those listeners". What do you think SIRIIUS is going to say? That's only my thoughts. They are not right.

The boys at QR77 is all I need to enjoy football.

The thing is about sat radio is that you can drive anywhere in North America and listen to the same station!. As for geting it for free, Its the same with TV, I can put up rabbit ears and get it for free as well, but lousy quality and no selection.

I am just waiting for the price of the equipment(radios) to be reduced from its now rippoff price!

TV and radio are two completely different animals. You can’t compare them. I can see the point you’re trying to make, but that’s not the same thing.

I have to tread lightly because I’ve never heard a sat radio station. From what I hear, it’s radio without announcers or commercials. That sounds like a CD to me. And when I pay for a CD, I get to keep it. But I can’t go to far, again, I’d need to here sat radio first.

You can sign up for a free trial over the net with both XM and Sirrus.
Another thing about sat radio is the way the channells are broken down. is all sixties another all 70ies, 80ies. They have all jazz all clasical, comedy both censored and uncensored! Sports talk and regular talk. Lots to choose from

check out the program guide

[url=] ... fsrc=hp_ex[/url]

I don't think I listen to the radio enough to bother..... I have noticed I've been listening to the fan here a lot more the past few months.... but I do have to kinda agree with Yeast#5, I get it for free now, I'd need some super convincing to want to pay for it. Plus, when I leave Calgary, I just listen to the local stations wherever I am, I'm not that picky for what I listen to.

And there is something to be said for tuning in the local station wherever you may roam. Especially for local news,weather,traffic conditions…things you can’t get listening to one station while traveling cross country. It’s a novel idea for some, but I myself prefer the variety of different stations and different voices during a long trip.

I just got Sirius a few weeks ago and am Very Very happy with this announcement. As for people talking about waiting for costs to go down I got my unit for 59.99 to me that is cheap for a new technology. I mean really i spent more then that on my cell. As for the contacts it is 14.99 a month. I honestly love the thing. Howard Stern, Maxium Radio All the sports you want plus news and music.

If cost is the reason you do not have one I would reconsider. The unit I got is a car kit but I am actually going today to get a AC to DC adaptor and then it can be used as a home kit. All you need to do is place the antena outside. It came with a 20 foot antena cable so lots of room. I may get a second antena for the house or cabin. The thing is great put the antena outside, plug in the power cord and tune any radio near by to an FM station you selected (preset 88.1) but very easy to change. And you are listening to satilite radio.

I'm not saying nobody should get Sat. Radio, but reading your post, I see no advantage to getting it. On my car radio, I can listen to the morning show, news/sports/traffic every 30 minutes, and it's all music I like, all on one station. And my radio came installed in the car which took even less time for me then installing something else. Fan 960 is all sports and as for something like Howard Stern...I like something more than just pee and pooh jokes. "For the 15 thousandth and 90th time, Howard is having a hooker on the program! Don't miss it...or you'll have to wait until tomorrow when he does it again." The only thing people keep telling me is .."but it's satellite." So...FM is crystal clear too.