New Signings

New guys to watch:

SIGNED international linebacker Damaso Munoz (6-0, 215, Rutgers); added to the active roster
SIGNED international defensive back Brandon McDonald (5-10, 185, Memphis); added to the active roster
SIGNED national defensive end Micheal Dadzie (6-3, 225, Regina); added to the practice roster
SIGNED international running back Jonathan Williams (6-1, 196, East Carolina); added to the practice roster
SIGNED international running back Jeremiah Johnson (5-9, 200, Oregon); added to the practice roster
SIGNED international linebacker David Hinds (6-2, 234, Florida Atlantic); added to the practice roster

Noticed Muñoz and McDonald were added to the Active Roster. I hope these guys can adapt and contribute fast.

Does anyone have any reference on those guys?


Well I always liked Munoz when he was in Edmonton. No way will he (or should he) supplant Pruneau, but I could see him replacing Simmons, or ,preferably, replacing Brown in the middle; he didn't play in the middle in Edmonton (how could he, what with Sherritt and Curran there), but I think he has the skill set to handle it. Don't know a thing about McDonald, sorry.

you got a good one with Munoz,a solid player,solid stats in 3 years in Edmonton,nice signing :thup: here is the link to his stats while in Edmonton.......................

As for Brandon McDonald,it looks like he started out this season playing with the Stamps for a bit....his stats are linked below

He does though have a nice resume in the NFL,playing for 6 seasons from "07" to "12" with the Browns,Bucs and Lions playing in 78 games over that time and having 9 career ints for 225yds and a pick six with 215 career tackles and 176 solo tackles.Sounds like this guy could be a keeper.I've provided a link for you to view his NFL career and his stats below

I guess they've decided to wait out the receivers that they currently have... :?

That's what threw me off! I guess they believe they can work with this current team of receivers. Now, we need to pray to get "Good Hank" showing up the rest of the games and the receiving team to improve a couple of notches :wink:

If the receivers drop only half as many balls, we'll be miles ahead.

There IS a fair amount of youth there, but it's not like the more veteran guys are particularly reliable themselves. I didn't expect them to replace half the squad, but I did hope to SOME movement. Ah well.

Then again, Chris Williams has been released...And we seem to like signing every Williams out there, so...

Yeah, i was hoping they would bring in a guy like Matthews ( not likely at this point) or Williams.

Burris needs more help.

They are 'running' out of time. :oops:
They need to get these new guys out there NOW...
to CATCH a BALL or 2 .. & HANG on until the play is through. :roll:

Yeah, they haven't played the younger WRs this year.

Guys like Carter and Dobson should sit for MacDonell and Smith/Paden.

Maybe use Poole on the active roster and bench Medeiros.

In the end, we are 1-9, what are they waiting for? Play the younger WRs FFS!

I forgot about Poole. He's been around a couple of weeks now, it'll be interesting to see whether he gets moved to the active roster.

I have to give the benefit of the doubt that based on what they see in practice, they're not comfortable with McDonnell yet, but based on what I see in GAMES I'm not wild about Carter. :?

Munoz for sure is a great signing. 3 great season's starting in Edmonton got him NFL attention. Consider him a pretty big time free agent signing. If he did not get a contract from Tampa and just hit CFL free agency it would have been considered a big signing for the RedBlacks or any team that was in need of a starting all star Calibre LB right in his prime. He played the Will LB spot in EDM so he will be able to play along with Prunea playing the Nickel SamLB.

Johnson also a nice signing. Toronto had a crowded RB spot so he ended up being chopped. With Walker hurt, the timing has him fall right into the RedBlacks lap. He seems to be one of those Oregon play fast skill players that for whatever reason did not catch an NFL break. He played out his NFL string of options. he has got talent. Looked pretty good after just a week with Ottawa. another full week of practice and playbook he could jump out as well
James Rogers in Montreal also from Oregon spent the last two years dying on the Falcons PR until now.

Jereniah Johnson starting tonight instead of Harper

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Brandon McDonald at DB in place of Gavins too. Gavins had a rough first game, but had settled in nicely, I thought. Kind of scary to have a guy making his first start back there, even if he does have a fair amount of NFL experience.

Unless they could have signed Dressler or a Mathews type receiver to a contract for the rest of the season and next, staying with the current receivers and some of the others they have acquired recently.
Entering the last 6 game period of the season looks like they may have found some of the receivers going forward.
Henry did drop a lot of passes earlier but he has developed into a possesion receiver and big target.
Carleton Mitchell is back playing and looked very good against a very good defense last week.
Wallace Miles looks to be settling in as well.
I thought they would use Lavoi and Delahunt a bit more. Lavoi has already shown his ability to start and play as a true TE and be effective in the CFL his rookie season. Injuries could have slowed him but having a true type TE with Lavoi's skills in your main set creates different match ups then defenses are built for with the 5 wide sets.
Mentioned were a few new options and young Canadian Receivers that could step up in the last 6 games.
I know Paden is a good prospect that got his game noticed via Arena League. Following the AFL a bit he was considered a big prospect to take his game to the next level. MacDonald 6'5" Canadian rookie. Part of a new wave of the big receivers that are coming via the draft. 12 games to practice, perfect time for him to go out and challenge Carter.
The other McDonald has the pro skills and expereince. Stuck with the Stamps for a while in a crowded talent DBs. He has said he wants to continue his career and the CFL is where he is ready to do it. Been there did the NFL and just loves to play football. So he will get his shot. Seems to have the right mentality that has enabled former NFL DBs to be able to be successful in the CFL

The team announced the signing of a running back named Torrance Hunt today. The release said "Georgia, but I believe they meant Georgia Southern. Found this article about him from September of last year.

Georgia Southern athletic director Tom Kleinlein said Thursday that Eagles slotback Torrance Hunt violated team and university policy and is suspended indefinitely.

Kleinlein said Hunt’s suspension was not linked to a criminal or legal matter but could potentially be an NCAA issue.

“When it became more than a team issue, I became involved and made the decision,? Kleinlein said. “Coach (Jeff) Monken was in agreement.?

Kleinlein said Hunt could continue to practice and lift weights with the football team but would not participate in games until the issue was cleared.

Hunt, a graduate student who had attended East Carolina, was using his final year of eligibility to play at Georgia Southern. He didn’t have to sit out a year because GSU offered a graduate degree (instructional technology) he was pursuing that East Carolina did not offer.

Hunt gave the Eagles speed on the outside in the triple-option offense. He was GSU’s third-leading rusher with 164 yards (10.3 yards a carry) and had scored a touchdown in each of the team’s first three games.

During camp, when looking up signees I did not know, these types of situations came up a LOT. Guys getting into mild trouble that maybe affected their NCAA, and therefore pro, options. It's pretty low risk, but potentially high reward, so I dig it. With the guys there now, we potentially have some pretty wicked depth, so...