New signings

So we have signed three players to come to training camp:

[url=] ... &nid=14614[/url]

Felipe Claybrooks is one of them; I wonder if Mark Word can be far behind (and I hope he's VERY far behind).

Not Felipe, as per the article:

The Montreal Alouettes announced on Monday that veteran NFL defensive tackle [b]Devone[/b] Claybrooks....

AHHHHH thanks for the correction! Guess I should read closely before posting sarcastic remarks. Mea culpa.

Thank GOD it’s not Felipe! And if Mark Word resurfaces on this team, I will vomit.

If we took a poll as to the ex-Alouette we would LEAST like to see return, I have this feeling that Mark Word would give Ted White a run for his money.........

Hmm, what's worse, an elephantine backup quarterback who can't go three passes without throwing an INT, or a borderline retarded D-lineman who can't go three plays without taking an unsportsmanlike? Tough choice. :wink:

It's a REALLY tough choice isn't it? I think I'd say Word though; the only advantage White had over him is that White rarely ever got to play, whereas when we had him Word played first string most of the time, for reasons that totally escape me.