new signings for 2016

riders announce that the have signed international running back Malcolm Cyrus ( 5’ 10", 185lb ),
Cyrus attended the Montgomery Alabama free agent camp.

mehh…looking at some of his video he seems like a guy with great sight and moves on the edge and open field…not too impressive grinding one out though, so I question him as a threat up the gut. Also seems to be a pretty respectable receiver. Could be a respectable changeup/utility guy (as is Demski and National). Worth a look in camp I guess…never know

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but with Murphy's and Jones's eye for talent you just never know ?

5'8 and 180lbs? Phht don't see the appeal physically that is for sure. As Depop mentioned we have a national in Demski that fills that kind of utility role. Probably a waste of time but who knows.

new receivers in John Chiles 6"2", 215 and Jeremy Kelley 6'6", 231.
talk about tall.

Riders sign National DB Craig Newman

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CORRECTION: Just listened back to Murphy...even more change...110 guys were here...56/57 ARE GONE...which actually leaves 54/53 players

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In Jones They Trust.... #Riders free agents are here for the same reason; Chris Jones.

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Want change over? #Riders John Murphy says of the 110 players SSK had when they took over (75 signed, 35 neg list) only 56 remain.

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Many Rider free agents say they are in Regina thanks to Chris Jones Regina, SK, Canada / 620 CKRM Rod Pedersen February 11, 2016 05:37 pm

A common theme runs through the wave of free agent signings made by the Roughriders the past three days.

Of the over 12 players signed, almost all of them have had a history with new Rider Coach and GM Chris Jones.

Receiver Shamawd Chambers says it was an easy choice to follow Jones out of Edmonton saying Jones is a proven winner and when he calls you saying he wants you to help win again, you listen.

Also on Thursday, the Riders acquired defensive back Tevaughn Campbell from the Calgary Stampeders.

In exchange for the U of R product, the Riders gave up a conditional pick in this year’s draft.

Heard Wally offered Chambers a fair bit more to be a Lion...he said no

Was stated on the show that it is suspected that this is the single largest player turnover in one season in CFL history (counting neg list and such)

Also...Murphy talked up QB Smith today. He has been speaking higher of him each time he talks about him.

yet another great interview...if you missed it dig up the podcast if you have time.

we have been lacking a dedicated QB coach,
now that we have Jarious Jackson as our QB coach, not only will this help tremendously with the development of Brent Smith but also make DD a better QB as well,
DD’s best year was when he had a dedicated QB coach.

Lol no doubt having a qb coach is a good thing not only for the younger ones but also for Durant. That I think everyone of us said was needed and stupid not having for the last couple of years. A good qb coach can be like a golf pro and see the little changes in the qb's technique or suggest changes to improve accuracy etc. It is good to have a coach to nip bad habits early when quite often the qb doesn't even realize he is doing it.

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Good video, better read though.

“This allows time for Tennant, Connop and Agbaje to get their feet wet in the CFL rather than just being thrown into the fire,’’ John Murphy, the Riders
I think a lot of people were really wondering what Jones and Murphy thought of those DTs...guess it has been answered...they are part of the plan moving forward.

2 WR/SB, DE, S, 3 OL and in time DT. 8 NIs starting...awesome.

The NI content is outstanding not to mention, great for the league! :cowboy:

DL Corvey Irvin has signed - FA add from Montreal

Speculation that Chambers is a 1 yer 170k me that is not good. I don't mind gambling on future production, but when doing so it should be a multi-year deal. He should not be hitting 150, more likely 150...then again he was supposedly offered more in BC. Wondering if they are viewing him more as a stop gap until they can develop other NIs for a season. it is the first really sorta negative I can say out of free agency for the club thus far

Yes he does, and I predict he will be our starting QB by Labourday with DD being dealt to Montreal, BC or possibly TO by then.

Well IMO I don't see that happening if DD comes out strong and effective. Smith is OK and I realize the "talk up" by Murphy BUT no way DD goes anywhere IF HE'S 100%! :cowboy:

Lol if Durant is not healthy then why would any team trade for him. Montreal has Glenn and a lot of other big contracts so taking on Durant is not likely to happen. As for Smith being our starter IMO sure the kid has potential but still needs a lot of work. Yes in the future if he can develop reading defenses quicker and instead of just running and he can make quick throws then he will be successful. That though is something no one can predict.

Durant if healthy gives us the best chance of success as of now. He is a veteran qb that has been under the gun plenty of times and knows now how to deal with it. Lets not forget if it wasnt for Durant in the quarter final game against BC in 13 we would have been watching some other team in our house that Grey Cup game. Durant is a competitor and he knows that if things dont go well for him then he is probably done playing football period. Im hoping for the teams sake that he is healthy and still here by the end of the season. I want to see other qbs get some serious game time too in order to develop but I still say Durant gives us the best chance of winning.

:thup: :thup:

I want to see DD come back from "unbelievable" bad luck and play strong for 2 or 3 more years in this league if not in Saskatchewan.
I believe he's a PREMIER QB in this league who does Know "it's now or never" and I personally would like to see him realize the fate he deserves. :cowboy:

Manning came back from neck surgery to win a Super Bowl. No reason Durant can't win the GC with a good d.

Mentally, DD I'll bet will be coming back with a vengence, and something to prove to himself, he's not ready to quit.
Physically, will he be conditioned to the point he needs to be. Will the stamina and Sport specific tolerance be there?
From the athletes point of view, I really hope so! :cowboy: