New signing - OL - this dude is huge

just noticed this practice roster signing:

guy is massive - 6’6” and 328 lbs. that’s even bigger than big Fig, who is listed as same height but 8 lbs lighter.

more beefing up to protect Rourke next year? :thinking:


How quickly we forget Matt O'Donnell. 6'11" 350lb.

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yea but he’s retired.

That's true, but at my age I'm into history.

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i’m probably older than you lol

also me too :slightly_smiling_face:

I was three years old when Bud Grant played his first game as a Blue Bomber.

well you’re older than me. my earliest CFL memory i think is Tom Wilkinson and Warren Moon’s first cup.

i just feel like most of the people on here were born after 1980…

Back in the late 80's our starting centre, Lyle Bauer, weighed in at a measley 235 lbs (sometimes he was a bit heavier if soaking wet).

Probably, but some of them just act like it.

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Birthdate for me, Aug firebird is 2 years younger than me!!!! lol
Early memories of Clarke Stadium

Almost didn't notice for some reason... Kenny Thomas at 6' 6" and 328 lbs is really close in size to Chris Walby who was 6' 7" and played at 325 lbs.

August 1967 I was in WPG with our small-town drum & bugle corps. Loads of fun and we performed at two Pan-Am game events. This is just one of the reasons I landed on the Blue Bombers as my favorite team.


Amazing. I was a kid in the back seat of my parents car reading Iron Man comic books on our way to the Pan Am Games at the brand new U of M Stadium (I think it sat 2500 at the time). The comics I can remember. The games? Not so much. :grin:

I believe we met up in another discussion on this same subject.

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The CFL has seen offensive lineman as big or bigger than him before.

I actually thought when you said 'huge' you meant his credentials. :crazy_face: If he's in playing shape at 328 I'm good with that.

Not that it would matter if I wasn't good with it.

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LoL more like 1880.