New Signing for the Lions!!!

The Lions just siggned a new offensive offensive linemen his name is. Chris Burns! He can play tackel, guard and center. He's 32 and he's from canada! The Lions are also looking at two kickers one from Calgary and another from Dallas. Chris Burns is suppose to a rare find thats what sportnet says. Well hope fully it's good signing.

They signed a kicker but I didn't catch his name. He kicked last year for Calgary for 2 or 3 games.

I heard that McLoughlin might be going to BC. Any verification on that rumour?

.......the kicker you guys are thinking of is Greathouse......and I heard too that a senior citizen by the name of McLoughlin was in Vancouver.......

Thanks R&W Greathouse was the name I couldn't remember.

Talk on the radio was O'Mahoney would punt, and Greathouse and Duncan would compete for Field goals.

R&W What do you remember about Greathouse?

Greathouse was 14 / 17 with Calgary. He tried out with the Cowboys competing with Matt MacBriar and was cut in August as their punter.

I say McLaughlin is best because, while he's older (a month short of 40), he's got the experience and can handle the pressure of a clutch kick, i.e. the Western Final last year. In an Overtime situation you're looking at a 25 to 30 yard kick. We need accuracy in that situation. The playoffs will be in the dome and McLaughlin is automatic in domes.

By the way, what year did Lui retire in? '99 or 2000?


Chris Burns ha ha ha that is some find limeman in slow mo!