New Sideline concussion testing in the CFL

CFL adds new concussion test, will share data with NFL

[b]The CFL, in a new joint venture with the NFL announced Thursday morning, has added a new sideline concussion-detection test this season.

The CFL will share results of these “King-Devick? tests with the NFL, and the four-down league will help pay for post-season studies to determine whether the tests improve the ability to diagnose concussions.

The Toronto Sun was first to reveal the cross-border collaboration on Wednesday.

The K-D test takes just two minutes, and is based on eye movement and cognitive function.

In the test, the potentially concussed player reads out loud, as quickly as possible, from left to right, single-digit numbers arrayed in rows. The same numbers, in the same rows, then are shown to the player on a sequence of cards or iPad pages, which become more challenging to read as horizontal guidelines are removed and spacing becomes tighter.[/b]

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[b]Each CFL player took a baseline K-D test in the preseason. Should he suffer a suspected head trauma this season, either in a practice or game, his team’s athletic trainers or medical personnel will guide him through the K-D test immediately afterward, on the sideline.

The time he takes to complete the test then will be compared against his baseline time.[/b]

I would assume, then, that any player new to the CFL would then have to take a K-D test (not to be confused with the preparation of K-D) as part of his entrance physical.

If they are NFL cuts, then they would have been tested by their NFL team and their records would be shared with their new CFL team, I would think. (It is a partnership between the CFL and NFL). :wink: