New Setup For International Bowl

This US university football game that will be played in Toronto this month won’t draw flies, except for fans from the US cities involved.

So instead of having the present setup that will die in a year or two, why not revive the Can-Am Bowl from the mid 80’s

Back then the best CAnadian CIS talent played players from US Division 1 schools.

The problem back then was they played in Florida, and the field wasn’t too small for CFL rules. Also the Americans could care less.

I’d bet playing in the Skydome of Olympic Stadium would attract a great crowd. And I’d bet our football talent in this country in front of a cheering home crowd would give the Americans a run for their money.

Surprising nobody has thought of this idea. It’d be a big hit in this country. I know I’d be watching.

We only got 12 000 fans for our national championship. Why would people show up to see CIS players get thumped by Div-1 players.

Also, why would the NCAA agree to this. It wouldn't be a bowl game. And the only players we could get from Division-1 would be players that aren't already in a bowl game, meaning the lesser talented players from Division 1.

This idea would never work in a million years.

There used to be a CAN-AM bowl back in the 70's for a couple of years and while CIS didn't win a game, I don't think it was a huge blowout or anything. If CIS can play Div. 1 teams in basketball, why not the odd football game? Sure, logistics are easier with basketball since the rules are more the same but I think the idea of a CAN-AM game is super.

The Americans wouldn't "thump" us. Those people don't walk on water. Some people's attitudes up here sicken me. The rest of the world ain't afraid of the Americans anymore. Like they aren't afraid of Team Canada in hockey anymore. Our football has progressed. I say a team of Canadian all-stars would give the Aemricans a game. And I say people would care. When its Canada, people show up. More than they will for this current International bowl setup. That thing won't last two years.

But, there needs to be something in it for the NCAA. College football in the States is all about money for the big time football programs. Bowl games = money.

In the first Can-Am Bowl CIS played NCAA2 and the game was close. When the CIS started using the narrower US ball in the 4th quarter they staged a comeback but ran out of time.

Fearing a loss to the Canadians at some point, the NCAA sent Div 1 players to the next game. Among those was like Henry Williams. That game was indeed a blow-out.

CIS is comparable to NCAA2. The extra coaching and interest in minor football in the US leads players to be recruited to Div 1. Div 2 players get about the same introduction to the game as Canadians so there is little difference in quality.

We have seen though that most positions on a football team can be learned very quickly. Some skill positions need long-term coaching but most can be learned easily. It's the mental aspect of the game that seperates players from watchers. Parity with NCAA2 could be reached fairly easily with a greater emphasis on teaching the skills of the game early on, but leaving the door open for late-comers to learn other positions.

2much2soon, I don't know where you got your information from but you are wrong, the NCAA used D-1 players in both games.
When the concept was first drawn up it was suppose to be D-2 verses CIS. But because CIS decided to use the best players available to them from Canadian schools (freshmen - seniors) rather then just seniors the NCAA decided to use players from NCAA D-1 school. Ben Zambiasi (sp) is an example. Henry Williams never played in the game. These games were played in the 70's not the 80's.

I have no interest in going to see Cinninati play Western Michigan. Now if they would bring back the Can-Am game and let Canada use the Canadian seniors in the NCAA as well as the CIS I would be interested.
They might not all be available because of their own teams bowl games.
An O-Line of Jeff Perrett (Tulsa) and Peter Dyakowski (LSU) at tackle, Jon Hameister-Ries (Tulsa) and Kyle Koch (McMaster) at guard along with Cedric Gagne-Marcoux at center would match up with anybody on the US side.
The same on the D-Line, Jermaine Reid (Akron) and Adrian Davis (Marshall) at DE, J.P. Bekesiak (Toledo) and Alan Weeks (Windsor) at DT. And there would be Jason Ward (Connecticut), Mike Williams (Boise State), Art Kapalanga (Syracuse) at DE's and Nuvraj Bassi (Oregon), Cory Mace (Wyoming)at DT as backups.

WR's Eric Deslauriers (E. Michigan) and Obed Cetoute-Genaille (C. Michigan) along with Dave McKoy (Guelph) and Glenn MacKay (Windsor)
TE Steve Schmidt (San Diego State)

A pair of excellant RB's would be Jon Cornish (Kansas) and Clifton Dawson (Harvard)

QB Michael Faulds (Western)

LB's Aaron Wagner (BYU), Josh Bean (Boise State), Jesse Alexander (Laurier), Tyrone Roue (St. Mary's) Yannick Carter (Laurier)

DB's Mike Roberts (Indiana State),Anthony Plante (Ottawa), Drew Haynes (Waterloo), Moe Sidibe (Concordia), Jesse Card (McMaster). This would probably be the weakest positions.

K Derek Schiavone (Western)

I'd pay money to go and see these guys and who ever else was picked, play some US college all-stars.
I hope they get a good crowd to see this game this year, but...not much appeal.

There is a couple of Canadians on Western Michigan, 3rd string Rec. Fernand Kashama and 4th string QB Caleb Clarke.
Cincinnati has a 3rd string Canadian DB Peter Carriere.

By all means bring back this game. I remember watching with enjoyment this game.It was exciting to see how the CIS guys played against the americans. This would be a good draw especially the TV coverage.Have the game played in Toronto at the skydome. This would extend the football in Canada for a few weeks.

Other then the alumni from the two schools, I would be surprised if there is more then flies attending.
Of course, I will also predict how a sponsor someone like Budweiser will give away a ton of freebies through various watering holes and the house will be papered somewhat.

That's a great idea.

They could even keep the name International bowl and play it on the same date.

Have a team of CIS allstars take on one of these 2 U.S. teams instead.

The first half could be U.S. rules, the second half Canadian rules.