New Seats at IWS

How would people feel about this type of seating to be added to IWS? Atleast when the Ti-Cats score they could pull off an "Ivor Wynne Leap".

I guess we need to win a few more games a year before we could fill those seats too.


It makes the stadium look nicer, more modern and more professional.

I like it!

Good thread, fletch-17.

Ivor Wynne Stadium has great sitelines but it is in dire need of modernization to bring it up to the most basic professional standards.

According to a recent article in the Edmonton Sun, a plan is being made to replace the seating which was originally installed in Commonwealth Stadium in 1978. Let's hope that there is also a local plan to install new seating at Ivor Wynne Stadium in the not too distant future.

oops there goes another smoking area ...............

wowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!that looks really good.Is that your design Fletch.

Yes, yes it is.

Thanks, I am glad you like it.

The Cats definitely need a venue with the basic amenities that are common to any given pro sports team. The MLS has about 8 new staia either recently built or slated to open soon. I don’t have a clue how those projects are financed but the CFL and the Cats especially are playing in some pretty antiquated confines.

An Ivor Wynne refit or new stadium project would be great news for the Cats. I only with it were financially possible.

I also agree that upgrades need to be made but it would come at the cost of the tax payers seeing how it is a city venue. I am a tax payer and would support any IWS upgrades but what do most think. Obvously, most of the people on the site are somewhat ticat fans to begin so there may be some bias on our part. But the team does do alot with local organizations and amateur sports that builds the Hamilton community that Im sure alot of people arent aware of. So what do you think...would the city go for it and would you support it???

Also, would you expect the ticats to chip in and to what percent and why?

That area is currently being used for corporate supporters and the pregame party... while the party can be moved, however the tents bring in $75 x 30 minimum per tent, at 10 tents thats about 23,000 on those tents, plus the beverages people buy while sitting in those tents.

How many seats can honestly be in that area? I have no idea but not only does it have to offset the revenue of the tents, but they would also need a place to put those corporate supporters.

I dont know if its possible, however... great idea and great graphic.

Eventually, if not sooner, the Cats will lose season ticket holders if the stadium is allowed to continue to deteriorate to sub Junior C hockey arena status. The new paint on the seating and walls and new scoreboard is great but paint is only a bandaid that is in no way a long term solution.

Personally,I think its time the city look into a new stadium..ya ya I know tax payers,money,blah,blah blah,but honestly,what has the city done to make this city more inviting?
downtown?,nope..lister block?,ya ..riiiight :lol: ,...clean up the cities imagime?...nada!.
Hopefully Fred(mayor elect),has some new refreshing ideas!
I think Ivor Wynnes time is done,its over 80 yrs old,north side aprox 35 yrs.Hey,a new stadium once every 80 -90 yrs,not bad,I think.
Someone here had a waterfront concept when we were bidding for the Commonwealth games,it looked awsome.
I would like to see a new stadium by waterfront park,it would rejuvinate that area,downtown and formost,the city of Hamilton...IMO

Your bang on catfan13. Have to agree with everything you say

Driving in to Hamilton it would be nice to see a nice big stadium from the highway. room to park and tailgate. I just don't want to lose the intimacy of IWS. If they could create an upto date replica of IWS with seat surrounding to stadium like fletches idea. I would add a second tier overhang with corporate boxes etc because I think once this franchise gets back on track on the field we will have over 40 000 a game.

But for the love of PETE keep the fans close to the field it what makes Hamilton the best place in North America to watch football. At least Canada anyway.

It hasn't changed much in the 35 plus years I've been going there.

New press/private boxes. New scoreboard. New turf. Wheelchair section. New sounsd system. Nothing else has changed, has it?

How is it deteriorating?

I like IWS just fine. It's a great venue to watch football. So many memeories and unequalled sightlines.

However, [b]if[/b] a new stadium was in the works, the waterfront idea is supremo for the reasons catfan13 cites

I'll repeat a story I've told here before. Back in the mid 90s during the American expansion days, the beat reporter for the San Antonio Texans was interviewed by CHML at halftime. He went on about his visit to Hamilton to watch the Texans play there, and commented on how great IWS was. He mentioned the intimacy, the history and tradition of what's transpired there, the loudness of the fans being so close to the game. He even likended IWS to Fenway Park.

Very nice but.....It could be a bit higher.

As I have argued before, the ideal scenario re an upgrade to Ivor Wynne would be to include a west end zone stand as has been illustrated in the graphic. Enclosing that end with a few extra thousand seats would be huge for a home field advantage. Then the team could unplug the fricken canned fan noise machine and allow THE FANS to make some noise! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In an IWS refit, I'd say 35,000 would be a reasonable target to ensure that the team would be in line for Grey Cup hosting down the road. Temporary seating of between 5,000-10,000 would also have to be factored in to get at least 40,000 seats available for a championship game.

Individual seating is important to modernize the stadium to 21st century standards -- or 21st century IWS standards... :wink:

A refitted IWS would also allow the city to compete for the Commonwealth Games or be a facility for any future Greater Toronto Olympic bid or joint US-Canada World Cup soccer bid.

One thing is for sure: there needs to be a decision for the long-term sustainability of the franchise to either make a significant remodelling of the stadium to get it to a standard ready for a 20-year run or else build a new stadium elsewhere in Greater Hamilton.

I would love to see the stadium fixed to be enclosed, have a team museum, and build a facade a la old Civic Stadium to give it a classic retro look.

I have said this too: rename the stadium "Honda Civic Stadium at Ivor Wynne Field" or "___________ at Ivor Wynne Field"....If the city wants to make a little coin to help with refurbishing, rename the place in that vein to ensure Ivor Wynne is kept in his honoured place. The Honda Civic idea is one way to get the Civic Stadium name back with a sponsor...

My two phenigs...

Oski Wee Wee,

a large renovation project would be good for creating employment in Hamilton, Use local contractors with the stipulation that all labour and aprenticships are hired from Hamilton, So All of the costs flow back into the local economy - I .W looks great with the added seats :thup: -

I personally like the idea. I think depending on how many seats you could add it would be huge for the bottom line.

I think enough seats would outweigh losing the tents.

As for a large stadium visible from the highway with parking for tailgating. I think most forget that drinking in public si illegal so that would probably be a big detterent for tailgaters.

The corporate tents under the Tigervision are a huge marketing tool in my opinion and should never be replaced with seats.....and here's why I think that....

Those tents create a good connection with medium sized businesses who in turn bring clients and employees who might otherwise not have ever attended a Ticats game before ----> future seasons ticket holders.

If anything, create a bowl around the east end zone from south to north including the gap.....this along with the corporate tents in the west end zone will complete the stadium quite nicely....

Move/reduce the size of the deluca roofing gazebo and place corporate tents beside it, reduce the number of tents as those things seem to be empty a lot of the time anyway. Place seats at the opposite side fo the stadium, and put tents in front of it between the wall and the end zone.