New Season

Who is excited about the upcoming season?! I know I am, time to defend the Grey Cup with honour and show the rest of the CFL that the Argo's still have great fan support. :rockin:

i see they had a meeting / state of the union address with fans.
did anyone go?
what was discussed?
i'm looking to order a flex pack today. i've noticed they've raised prices from last season by $7/ticket on silvers.


I am always excited about a new Argo season.

The new season has seen the Argos able to acquire some more Canadian content especially on defense.
It may be time for Younger to step aside and Matt Black tke over at safety with Hood able to back up. Yurichuk certainly has been ready to be a starter for two or three seasons now and should get the nod over McCune who played awesome last year but is aging. Pottinger would be able to back up and should they be able to land a third somewhat surprise player to be available in Greenwood ( the other being Cleyton Laing right to the CFL no NFL camps and Sewellasking for realease from the Titans should mean he will be with the Argos). Laing and Reid should combine to make a DT spot a ratio spot Yurichuk at MLB and Black at safety that is three good starters on defense regardless of Canadian or Import they are all jut good football players period.
Troubles on the oLine last year and the Argos really have not brought in too many guys and if Sewell should be in training camp surely a surprise and plus for the Argos.
They started last season looking at an all Canadian Line for all the wrong reasons and that being the Ratio.
Look for a different looke completely this year.
My prediction will be two starting imports at OT Washington on the left side and SirVincent Rogers on the other. You may say who but he was a four year starter at Houston but had injury problems at the end and the beginning of his pro career in 2009 but was able for the first time to be healthy and get through a whoel season as a starting tackle for the Arizona AFL champs. Look for Van zyls to move to the interior at LT leaving some battling for the center and RG. Keeping could be relplced by Epelle at Center with Sewell winning out a starting spot at RG.
Van zyle will be around to swing out to RT if injuries should strike leaving journeyman and veterans such as Keeping, Parenteau, smith and younger reinders in the reserves

That is quite the prediction stevey. I don't see Black taking over a safety, but he is a valuable back up and ST guy. I see the Argos starting eight Canadians most of the time. MLB and a combination of DE and DT rotating on defense.
Four O-Linemen, one WR and a FB/SB position. Johnson on first down and Bradwell on passing downs.
Barring injury I see the same O-Line starting the season. Washington-Eppele-Keeping-Parenteau-Van Zeyl.

That would appear to be what may indeed happen but how long will they keep Black down as a back up and keep the safety spot an import position starter in the older and much experienced Younger.
Milanovich himself said that Black could strat for some teams n this league so this could be the season that he does so in Toronto.
Yurichuk also appears to have been signed to be the starter but will still need to beat out McCune who was a top MLB last year in the league but is getting older.
As for the O Line they took a lot of heat from the fans and the media but when all was said and done the Argos won the Grey Cup.
I find it interesting that SirVincent Rogers is now listed as a Guard. He was a good line prospect coming out of University of Houston his SR year but a broken foote in his SR year proceeded by a knee injury his JR year has held up his pro career as injuries continued during his rookie TC with the Dolphins and then again in the UFL in 2010. With the UFL cancellation he went to the Arena football league last spring n 2012 and was able to play the whole season as a starting OT.
So I expect him to be in the mix somewhere with the Argos O line. whether they ca get him to fit into the ratio as a starter at an unusual position for an import at Guard.
The Argos have not brought in too many O Lineman which leads me to believe that they have found there guy in Rogers to a least be the 3rd OT. If he cannot get into the starting lineup I would suspect that he would be on the 46 man roster each week and not dress on game day unless he is needed to start do to injury .
Once all of the Mitchell talk fades I can see the Argos being very happy with the DT situation and rotatin in starting Rookie Canadian Laing next to mitchell with Canadian Jermaine Reid ratatin in as the 3rd and making the DT a strong ratio position.
I agree with th receiver spot with the Watt/Bradwell Canadian combo at WR with Bradwell able to also be a back up in the slot. Durie has transformed into a SB last year rookie Inman at WR and of course the transition of Owens to the Slot from WR has proven to be an awesome move.
That last Receiver spot will be key and the Argos signing Michael Williams a former NFL 1st round pick. If he comes to TC in shape and ready to go look out he could be dominate but he does come with that baggage but did prove back in 2010 that he can play as he beacame th Seahawks starting rec ant had over 700 yards receiving.
If the Argos get that Williams and he can convert to the Slot and the Waggle he will be tough to stop with a 6'5" frame and an elite QB throwing him the ball.
Williams hopefully will be one of those NFL free agents that come in prepared for a Career in the CFL. Knowing that with the new TV deal and CBA coming up that a top non QB could be making as much as 175 to maybe even 200K per season.

Why cut Kevin Huntley and Gerald Riggs, Jr? "Good 'pickins'" for another team there I would think.

Did the same thing with Riggs last season. Small roster kept the younger Curtis Steele
Tough position to learn in that offense is RB. Would probably be called backed first like last year if injuries should hi Kackert. probably expects that no one will pick Riggs up do to every team having its own load of import RBs.
Also a younger Adreson is out there being released by Montreal earlier knows this offense so there will be enough RBs on Unemployed that would know the offense if needed.