New Season

Its been 4 months since i ve watched my beloved ticats play and i gotta say theres still 3 months b4 training camp its gonna be long.
Ive got my tickets and im always on here checking out whats new i must say things are looking great this year players are expecting big things and so are the fans im predicting a second place finish with a record of 11 and 7 hosting the semi final this year against edmonton (no worries about winnipeg or toronto) and then a eastern final loss against montreal.
I know this might sound way to early but its time to start predictions whats yours?????
i expect big things from our offense a d line that will be good not great again our linebackers will be the glue

Maurice Mann and Arland Bruce are gunna light up other defences, Cobb's gunna be twice as good as he was last year, Glenn will be more familiar with the team and offense, Sandro will be more accuarate than Nick.Expect alot less points to be left on the field this season.On the defensive side, our secodary is MUCH improved.Would still like to see a few camp bodies in the secondary and a couple DE's.Marquise Gunn was good when we had him here last season and I believe Obie said he was one of the guys that might get a 2010 TC invite.

im guessing noone else has any thoughts for the new season???

I may be biased but I think we have the second best team in the league at this point and we'll improve even more from here before and after TC.The Ticats will be frightening to everyone who stands in their way and Ticat fans will once again come out in force to every single Cats game to watch the beginning of another steel town dynasty.

According to Bomber fans.. .we're going to be worse than them tthis year.... I'm worried :roll:

What to Bomber fans know ... look who they hired last year and this year as Coaches
They'll be lucky to beat the lonely Argos.. who have no Experience at QB
I see cross over again it will be very close to this

Montreal 14-4
Edmonton 9-9 (CROSS OVER
Bombers 7-11
Toronto 4-14

The Cats will win a couple more games, the Alouettes will lose a couple more games. Pretty much the same standing as last year in the East and I see a crossover again.

The Bombers and Argos are going to be bad. Neither have a QB worthy of being able to start in the CFL. Very long season with 2 new head coaches.

This season will be exciting, and i'm already getting ramped up for the draft and training camp! There's a lot of interesting stories in the league this year that will be worth following.

Obie has the personel wrapped up and we'll see what our refined roster looks like soon enough.

I would say the biggest changes we need to see are redzone production, and away games. Hamilton was to much of a home team last year, and far to often (as stated above) stalled out and left points on the feild. Though I'm not convinced that this is entirely on the players shoulders.

Gibson really needs to open it up inside the 25.

As of right now I’d say we’re a 6-12 team.

We won a bunch of flukey games last year and teams will be more prepared for us, also the moves made are backwards moves as far as i’m concerned. We’ve improved our kicking game, big deal, with Rodriguez gone teams will now double Bruce 90% of the time, we lost Goodspeed who was a solid guy on the line and I’m not sold that the 2 young dbs coming over from Toronto will make up for the loss of Thompson and Smith. People on here want to lynch Smith because of one play where he didnt look back for the ball, the mob mentallity of folks in Hamilton is pretty e-tarded at times.

Our success this year will depend 100% on the rookies brought in.

Big deal?Our kicking game cost us 2-3 games cuz Nick Setta missed.See Hamilton 14 Calgary 15 and Edmonton 31 Hamilton 30, etc.Losing Rodriguez isn’t really a loss.To keep drive’s alive you need guy’s to get open, not guy’s who have a 50/50 shot of getting it in double coverage.Mann can do both, Rodriguez is DECENT in traffic.Team’s will not double team Bruce because if they do, Mo Mann’s gunna rip them to tiny piece’s.Goodspeed is getting up there in age not to mention he was the cause of %80 of our holding call’s, especially the one the ref’s missed in the Edmonton @ Hamilton game where he put a sleeper hold on the DE and Cobb took off for 35 yards.Thompson was a good DB, no doubt.I think Poole however with a good team can live up to or do better than Thompson.Smith is an absolute joke.Why everyone keep’s wanting to stick this guy in the hall of fame is a pure mystery.He made 2-3 good plays out of the 80-100 time’s he got severely burned last season.He’s small short and slow and QB’s loved to pick on him.Just look how Bowman did against us when it was Smith covering him.Tore us in two.The NFL probably only looked at his couple INT’s, few tackles and size and thought he’d be good PR meat.I’m THRILLED that they took him because if we had to put up with another season of giving up easy 40 yarder’s because Smith’s a bum, I was gunna have to kill someone.Smith didn’t just goof on one play Drex, if you attended or watched Ticat game’s you’d know that it was an every play thing.The only thing that was a 1 or 2 time thing was him actually doing something.This team as it stand’s right now is at LEAST a 10 win team, and we’ve still got peep’s to bring in for workout’s and stuff, not to mention the draft.Amarri Jackson look’s promising.Ryan Hinds was a highly rated N/I DB last year, hope to see him ink soon.We’ve improved everywhere except RB and LB so far.And those two position’s are rock solid.

Good to see that there is some passion on this new year I think we will be fine this season if it would only just HURRY UP AND GET HERE

In my humble opinion, how well we do this year will largely depend on how well we do in the trenches...I like our QBs, but let's face it, they are not in the "elite" class of the league and probably will not carry the team on their backs. However, our RBs and WRs are above average. If our O-line is strong, we will be able to have a ball control type offense consisting of a dominant running game and a play action passing game. If our D-line is strong, we will be able to disrupt the timing of offenses and force turnovers. If this happens, and our Special Teams are consistent (And I see no reason why they wouldn't be), we should have a real good shot. Montreal will still be the team to beat, but they are very beatable! A good start and establishing home dominance would also be nice!!!

Man, I'm so hungry for Football right now, I'm probably going to book June 15th off and go to Toronto for the pre-season game. Any other takers?

I was checking out the Ticats 2008 home opener on my PVR and it was amazing all the changes that the team has made since then. Obie has stabalized the team at so many positions, QB, receiver, LB and I see no reason to be really pessimistic here, the Cats should win 10 games this year.

They are pretty set on O this year, thw receiving corps is really strong, Cobb should develop into an elite RB but I agree that Glenn is not an “elite” QB but with the exception of Calvillo, who is?. He will more often than not this year get the job done, but if he falters, there may be some problems moving the ball…

What is going to hurt the Cats this year and may keep them out of first place is on the other side of the ball…they have a great LB crew, but I am a bit worried about the secondary and D line.

Hey, If Glenn catches on fire (and we have all seen him do it)…first place IS possible…Montreal has a really tough schedule and there has got to be a let down after an incredible 2009.

We still are not complete yet! We have not inked a Kick returner yet. A good KR really opens up a game. :cowboy:

Which Bo Smith were you watching? The guy was a complete turd. And it wasn't because of one play. Now, if you mean per drive then yes, you are correct. The guy was terrible, absolutely terrible. Thompson was good, I'll give you that. But we replaced him with Shivers and Poole, and added Mann to replace Rodriguez. I'd say we came out ahead when you add in the addition of DeAngelis.

As for our chances this season, as of now (and I reserve the right to change my mind the closer we get to kickoff) I say we finish 2nd in the East with 11 or 12 wins. We'll probably get a crossover team from the West because Winnipeg and Toronto are in full-blown rebuilding mode. The Bombers might be able to sneak in, but with no proven QB I'd say those odds are slim.

But seriously, Bo Smith? Was I the only one who thought he sucked? Well, me and 15_championships apparently.

Age will catch up to the Al,s (9-9). _Argo,s will not be that bad(8-10), this is the Ti Cats year#1(14-4) :rockin: Bomber will bomb(6-12)

What gives you so much confidence in the Argos? I think they might even be worse than 4-14. They have nothing.

And as far as I am concerned, the Als are still the dominant species until proven otherwise. You might be right, age might bit them, but until the season ends and they aren't on top, they remain the favourites in my eyes.

The argos don't have a CFL Ready QB Like Hamilton Montreal and Even Winnipeg.
this why there season will be bad..