New Season ticket holder

I'm a new season ticket holder. When do they mail out ticket packages etc? How soon after schedule is out?

You don't really get anything anymore. It's all online. Unless you paid extra for hard copy tickets. I got a rewards card in the mail at some point last year, can't remember when. You can pick those up now as far as I know.

8) Why don't you just call the Ticats (your ticket rep) and they can explain everything a lot better than asking on here !!
  Never fails to amaze me why people ask these sort of questions on here, when all you have to do is call the TiCats for
  the official  answers to any of your questions !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Maybe they were just trying to open some dialogue....

Way to go. Let's just turn people away from this forum. :oops:

Seriously. I don't understand why he's always down peoples throats about this kinda thing. At the time he posted, the Ticats offices are probably closed.

Minus the snark, the suggestion that it is wiser to call the Ticats with this sort of question is a good one.

That's how I saw it too.

Welcome to the club of loyal fans. Those who throw down money betting/hoping for a great season.

Tickets last season were all done online. You could log in with your smartphone, bring up a QR code for the people at the gate to scan. Convenient yes, but leaves you with nothing tangible unless you pay for the printed collector's edition tickets.

Also, if you don't have a smartphone, you can download the tickets to a computer and print them off like you would with any other online ticket purchase.

Last year you could pick up your "package" at the open house, and the collector's tickets were sent out through Purolator (I believe). I wasn't home when mine when they attempted to deliver mine, so I had to pick them up at the Office. Can't remember how close to the schedule release that all this happened, but I'm pretty sure it was around April or May.

Hope that helps.

Hey Shortty, welcome to this site. I hope you have a great time as a new STH, and that you'll visit this forum from time to time for some (mostly) enjoyable conversation. This forum gets more activity than all the other teams' forums put together for a reason. Lots of good folks here, and good discussion about the Ticats and the CFL. Enjoy.

:thup: welcome Shortty :thup:

@Shortty... welcome to the forum. Where did you end up buying your seats? East side, West side, Coors Patio? Great sightlines from everywhere in stadium.

There is usually a season ticket holder event prior to kickoff for the season. That used to be to pick up ticket packages now its more of just a gathering as tickets are mostly electronic now. You should receive an email from the Tiger-cat office on how to access and print your e-tickets, or you can show them on a smartphone for scan upon entry.