New season ticket holder, how do I use the merch discount?

Purported benefits of being a season ticket holder:

  • Lowest ticket package price
  • 15% off Argos merchandise
  • 25% off corporate suite rentals
  • Food & beverage coupons
  • Interest-free payment plan
  • Exclusive MLSE partner offers

I didn't receive any information on how to claim the 15% off? Is there a discount code for the website? Is it only available in store at the stadium? Do I only receive the discount after the tickets are made available?

Welcome aboard! Unfortunately, so far it has only been available in store and at the stadium. Here is the card we we’re giving in 2019:

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Call them and ask. My experiences with them support a belief that they try hard to be helpful. You may have to go to the stadium or shop, but it is worth the asking. You are, after all, a paying customer. Good luck.