New season thoughts

With the new season coming up what one thing would esk fans like to see the team take?

A playbook with a running game.

I'd like to see them stomp the Ti-Cats on August 8 since I'll be going to that game. :lol:

I'd like to see the new season start sooner... the wait is unbearable.... :frowning:

I take it you're not a hockey fan? These semi-finals have been quite exciting! :smiley:

Agreed. This years playoffs have been the best in years. 2nd best since the lockout IMO only behind '06 when the Oilers went to the cup.

As I mentioned on another fan forum, I don't care to watch overpaid bums most of the time.

I think Edmonton had a great off season. I'm really glad to see Mr. Hall get a HC gig. If the Oline and Lumsden hold up. I see Edmonton fighting with Calgary for top spot in the West.

If we have anything to say about it, Calgary is gonna be ending the season fighting over the basement with the Riders :lol:

I am very excited to see the 2009 version of my Favorite team. We have signed a lot of exciting players and with Coach Hall I have a huge amount of optimism.

My thoughts are in favour of the Esks.. They are going to be one talented team from top to bottom. Only thing Im not sure on of theirs is the D Backs / O Line. Rest should be solid.. ( maybe running game too ? )

Watch this team it should be a talent pool of excitement ready to burst. I dont like it.

Should be a hell of a season!

That was an amazing run... ended by BS. I'm still bent about that garbage.

I'm starting to jump onto KristjanCFL's bandwagon... I need some CFL football. Fortunately, my Lakers are in the NBA Finals, so I still have that (and Crosby mounting the greatest SC comeback in history... hopefully)... :lol: