New season thoughts

With the new season slowly creeping up on us whats everyones thoughts on the up coming season?

1.Can we let Maas get some playing time?

2.Will the new coach be our man?

3.Was lumsden that great of a sighning?His running style opens him up for injury.

4.Will Bryan Halls hair go to the hall of fame?

You know, after going 10-8 in the regular season and making it to the East Final, I had high expectations for this season. But after some of the moves we've made... I'm not as confident as I was before. We'll see what happens.

You know what?

Change is exactly what the Eskimos needed...
Heres the major POSISTIVES
We got rid of Campbell... Hope i never see him coach in the CFL ever again
We signed Maurice Lloyd, and Scott Gordon, and Kai Ellis
We have a new Head Coach

the major NEGATIVES
We traded Sideeq Shabazz, amazing player, but Scott Gordon will compensate for him
Kelly Campbell left. He was great, Oh well, receivers arnt hard to come by, theres tons of good ones, not a big loss.
We didnt resign Barrenchea, oh well, ill take Maurice Lloyd over him anyday of the week.

All in all, if we DIDNT make any changes, we'd be like we were last year and the 3 other years before that... TERRIBLE. Change is what is needed for the Eskimos to have any shot of being the high caliber team they once were.

Those are definitely two HUGE positives! :smiley:

I think will at least play our playoff games in the West this year and finish second I think the signings were all good Jessie will have a good year as he has at least more support here then in Hamilton and a better defensive coaching system will at least win us 2 or 3 games this year as opposing to losing 2 or 3 games a year. I think the next 2 Grey cups will be hosted by the Home teams.

  1. With LeFors traded, I have to assume that Maas gets any substantial playing time if Ray is injured for any period of time or has to leave a game early and/or unexpectedly. You might see whomever rookie survives TC for third-string get time if there is garbage time from a blowout win/loss.

  2. The new coach is TOO GOOD to not be the man. 8)

  3. Lumsden is a great signing if the injury bug doesn't bite him and his base salary doesn't hurt our ability to stay under cap, in case we need to find some NFL cuts to fill in injuries later on.

  4. His Tony Romas and Crosstown commercials will compete for the spot in the Hall, leaving the hair a distant third. :lol:

  1. Most likely only during the pre-season, if we are blowing another team out(hopefully no the other way around), or the last game or two if we have a good playoff spot locked up. Mayble Hall's approach will be different than Maciocca's and we will have Maas come in for a few series to shake things up if Ray is struggling, before re-inserting Ray again. Let's face it with Ray's talent and knowledge of the game he usually sorts his struggles out on his own if you just leave him in the game.
  2. I think our defence will be much improved with Hall for '09 and he implements a similar system to the one he ran successfully for so many years in Saskatchewan. Daley and Hall have worked together in the past, so I am sure they will come up with something great. I don't think Hall will be involved much with the offence and Worman will have more responsibility and freedom than last year. I just really hope he calls more than 3 running plays a game(I blame Macioca for that).
  3. Awesome signing! Low risk with him being on a very low base salary incentive based deal, but very high reward as he can simply dominate a game. He won't be a feature back for a run-oriented team getting 20+ carries a game like he was in hamilton, but will instead be expected to split the carries with McCarty, reducing his potential of getting injured. With Lumsden in the backfield, defenses will be looking out for two potentially lethal weapons now in Ray and Lumsden, as opposed to zeroing in on Ray.
  4. Very happy that he finally announced his retirement after this season. Might be the best news of the off-season so far. :rockin:
  1. Hopefully we will see more of Maas, particularly when Ray struggles. One of me biggest criticisms of DM was his reluctance to put in Maas last season. We don't have to think too far back to our last Grey Cup to realize that it was Maas coming off the bench that pulled our fat out of the fire.

  2. Ask me in a about 6 months

  3. I believe Lumsden will make a solid contribution but don't expect him to walk on water.

  4. My mother tells me if you can't say anything good......

  1. Mass is gonna play more this year, maybe a few games early in the year. He needs to get some game action in other than the coin toss and the odd snap on special teams.
    2.Ritchie's been working really hard getting ready I'm sure. I'm not worried about him. If there is anything that you can say about the Riders, other than they SUCK :wink: , they've always had a good defense under him.
    3.IF Lumsden can stay healthy is something I'm getting tired of hearing. Give him a chance. That being said I'm not too happy about his bobsleigh championship stuff with Leuders. He did just sign a new 1 year contract. They won so who cares I guess.
    4.It looks like a hologram projected onto his head. Your never quite sure its really there. It's best appreciated in the wind.