New Season....New Team

We gotta a lotta of work to do !! ..... as said earlier, I think by Depop, the foundation of the team, the defence and the O line are still real strong.. but we have big big holes at the spark spots,, Running Back for sure, Fullback we need some more talent... and most definitely at receiver.. On surface looks kinda bad,, but could be a lot worse

I would say at FB they have a nice group of players. McHenry playes that position like an H-Back. Spencer Moore a rookie last season from MAC got his feet wet with some tiime on the roster is more of a true TE 6'4", Underused and underrated Darlyl Stephanson who spent most of the season not on the roster but when it came down the stress and through the Grey Cup win he was playing. Also he has proven that he can be a receiving threat also when given the chance. And of course Neil Hughes who is an old time fullback short stocky blocker and can catch the ball. Although last season they let Huges go and brought him back and he played well and definitely is a fan fav.
A couple of things had the Riders callin him back. one was stability. McHenry was still being used as a WR at times taking away his H-Back play, Moore was young and still learning, and Stephanson was a late addition who played well for Cortez at the end of the 2012 season.


tks for the review there, i had forgotten about some of those guys :rockin:

We may have to eat some crow this year. Hope not but may be a drop off. :roll:

I don’t think there will be a drop off. Maybe at the start of the season the first 6 games where the Riders may be working in a new RB and another receiver to replace Sheets and Dressler.

Sure they also lost Butler and Newman but Hurl sat most of last season out and the return of Shamori Williams should secure the Will LB spot and paick up any slack left by Butler and Newman on special teams as well.

Sholo will be very tough to replace but acquiring David Lee and Levi Steinhuer entering his second season should more than make up for the loss of Evans along the Dline. Like Evans DT, Lee is an up and coming Canadian D lineman DE who started last season.

Dressler is not a guy you replace but Getz and Smith both 1,000 yard receivers. Simon can do more than he had to do last year and adding Etienne would not make it so devastating if Bagg should be re injured at any point.

With four FB/TE/HBacks still on the roster and all have different strenths. The Riders could easily go with 4 wide and a TE a lot
Imports Smith Simon. NI Getz Bagg or Etienne. McHenry in an H- back Package or Hughes in a traditional FB tow back backfield or with stephanson going through a whole training camp and Spencer Moore in his second season both playing a true TE package. 3 out of the 4 were on the roster for everygame throughout the season and at least McHenry, Hughes, and Stephanson are proven top level special teams players.
The top Oline unit they have will be nice for any new import RB entering the league

I will say one thing great job in handling the kicking game for next season. Got Milo to re sign probably with some extra $$$. Which left them unable to re sign Shmitt but the trade for Bartel gives them a top CFL punter. Forgotten in all of this is that Bartell was the east all star punter.
No one has the kick off leg of Shmitt but Milo strong leg should be more than satisfactory.

Needed wll be a Canadian Safety which possibily Woldu may be able to take on and the DT spot is very flexible to look for talent as it can be Canadian or import

The D backfield is one of the biggest srengths as they really lost no one in in the coverage positions of CB/HB/SAMLB. out of those 5 spots they probably have seven starters at least.
The Oline also a great strength The starters and Watman and Clarke. The only spot that could be of concern is to find or already have developed nother Canadian RT

Back up Qb will be a huge concern at this point IMHO. How they go about gettingone with pro football experince and CFL playing expereince can go a lot of ways.
Could they call back JT O’Sullivan. Will A guy like Brink become available, Will another trade with Hamilton be a possibilty. Not sure if Austin wants Lefevour.

The receiver and RB that the Riders wil be looking for to replace Dressler and Sheets most likley are not in the CFL right now and will come from the pot of NFL free agents hungry for work


Well said, great post. I think i have been too focused on the players leaving, and not the ones coming.

Word on the Sports Cage tonight was that Sanders is quite the hott commodity around the CFL. He is fielding offers from 4 teams one being the Riders.
Until hearing that it was hard to guage what the situation was with him spending mid season in the dog House.
But once Sheets came back they began usuing Sanders more on offense as a Change up to Sheets and secured his return duties.

Also Geroy Simon speaking on behalf of the receivng corp losing Dressler to the NFL. Simon was very confident that he and Bagg who played less roles as receivers then they have in previous years have the capability to pick up much of that slack and there will also be a new receiver vying for that 5th spot.

My personal opinion is that Simon is right. Also acquiring Jade Etienne back home in Riderville gives the depth at Canadian rec and could even bring Sisco into a breakout type season as well like Etienne had last season.

Cortez also did a lot with the FB/TE/H-Back packages so they do not always play the 5 wide sets.
I thought that McHennry playing H-Back in certain packages were very effective and with Etienne he will no longe need to juggle between H-Back and emergency WR.

Sanders signed with the Stamps :expressionless:

[url=] ... ith-stamps[/url]


wow,, holes holes holes .... at least its still February,, for a few more days

Stamps traded Larry Taylor to the Als

Leaves stamps as a returner how will he fit into the offense. He is more of a RB hybrid player than Taylor was more of a receiver.
Mallet RB
walter RB/Special Teams

The Stamps will have plenty of options on how to shape a game day roster and pretty much have the back up RB situation covered

Man we have takin a lickin on the O backfield, We lost some great players this season, can only hope they can fill these holes!

The bad news is that they lost out on Sanders to the rival Stamps.
The good news is they can now go about signing some possible replacements at the RB position.
When they brought Sheets in in 2012 he was joined in a stiff competition with several other new imports with solid resumes.
Time to go back to that list and see who is going to be the best fit.

As for returner/Hybrid The Addition of rookie Matt Brown as I mentioned before was added after NFL cuts and spent the season on the 9 game IR. Living in Philly I saw brown play for Temple he is along the lines of a lindsey Lamar, Tavoy Moore he can be a very explosive returner. The Riders though enough of him to put him on the 9 game and not the PR.

They already have began signing some improt DTs so the process is beginning.

The Als have recently released Noel Devine. Tons of talent and potential as a explosive hybrid returner/ Change up RB/ SB but his time in montreal there was a lot of uncertainlty of who the coaches were. No special teams coach in 2012 and last season was a mess.
With a more stable staff on both the special teams units and offense his talents could be put to good use as a replacement for Sanders.
He would be a nice signing to get into training camp from the beginning. If they enter the season without having a niche carved out for him placing him n the 9 game for some more extensive evaluation could have him ready to explode onto the roster for the second half of the season IMHO.
The one thing the Riders do have is the $$$ to sign quanity and Quality. Like last season made good use of the 9 game IR to keep starting calibre players on the team withouth it affecting the salary Cap.
For example they had Butler starting at Will LB. They also had Kromah and Hurl who could very well be starters this season stashed away on the 9 game with no room for all that talent on the roster. Macho Harris also spent most of the season on the 9 game but is technicall a starting calibre CB

Why do all of our fucking players have to leave?! Can someone just stay long term for once?

Well Durant has stayed, although theres still a thread thats upwards of 15 pages long about throwing him outa town.

A player I'm not sure that have been mentioned is Alex Anthony. He's going into his second year, hopefully he can show us something. Or at least be a card in the mix.

2nd string QB, i am fine with what i have seen from Senseri (sp?) - in that preseason game last year, i enjoyed watching him. Hopefully he moves into this spot.

Guys still listed as UFA's that i wouldn't mind the Riders at least throwing a feeler out for:
Noel Devine
Robert McCune
Etienne Legare
Ted Laurent

I've said it before...I think Alex Anthony might surprise a few people. Very limited action, but he looked good. He dropped on in a preseason game, but he seems to have that uncanny knack of getting open...not to compare him to a guy like Geroy, but in the same manor he always has...not blinding speed...just finding the right spots...a zone killer.

NEW QB Seth Doege signed Via Texas Tech VIA Falcons PR 2013

His resume looks impressive but has had a few ACL surgeries. Hope he works out well as a depth player for us. Also signed a receiver who spent time in Green Bay where he played in their Super Bowl win, San Fran and Seattle.

Good luck to concern from what I have seen with him is if he can handle the wide field.