New season new results

It's been a long season with lots of twists injuries bad calls etc I don't feel were as bad as our record showed that said..... Forget not having a fantuz Tasker and the others it's a 3 game season except there's no room for loss.I believe the boys are ready smart football all 3 phases need to click and play a full 60 and we got this Lets Go 13th man no more negativity be loud be be proud were all in for a hell of a ride

I agree 100%.....GO CATS GO!!!!

Big Ears is going to get out coached
Today and Mr Banks is well over Due to take it to the Bank!

Looking forward to seeing a lot of this.

2016 has honestly been one of the most disheartening seasons I can remember in a long time. For me at least.

I hope that breeds a different result at the end. Maybe all they need right now for motivation is higher stakes than a regular season game.

Injuries or not... everyone needs to step up and give their best today.

Go Ticats!

Correct grammar:

2016 has honestly been one of the most disheartening seasons, I can remember in a long time. For me at least.

Fair is fair can criticize others, so you are not above being criticized as well

Actually, no comma is needed here. There is an omitted "that", which is totally permissible, and "that" requires no comma. The thing is, his grammar is almost always impeccable. The sentence fragment after that first sentence is borderline, and probably should be separated by a comma rather than a period, but I'm giving it a pass this time as he probably did it for emphasis.

Early on, he did tend to go overboard on his criticisms of others, which is why he was on my foes list for most of the season. But it appears that he has calmed down lately, and as a result, I removed him a few weeks back. And as long as he sticks to opinion posts like this one, rather than personal attacks, I'll leave him off.

And now, back on topic...

Same season, same result.

(Sorry to interrupt the grammar discussion)