new Season ending -Turkeybend Rankings!!

:D :rockin: Wow. What a season of ups and downs , excitement and surprises!!!! CFL at its best.

Well, folks some shocking results have led to a shocking new end of year PowerRanking. Get ready to be in shock!

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Hottest team in the league right now. No disrespect to the Als but Hamilton has played meaningful games with striking authority and determination. The Tiger-Cats have come a long ways. Congratulations to Kevin Glenn on a remarkable comeback and a very rewarding win for him over Winnipeg. Coach B. should have started Glenn all year and the Eastern championship would have been a toss up.

  2. Montreal Alouettes- Yes they beat Toronto handily but the Sisters of the Yukon could beat the Argos. Lack of meaningful games will hurt the Als in the playoffs again . Anthony C. is amazing and the team concept is good and the Als should be commended for a terrific season!!

  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders - The story of the year in my books. Picked to come last by almost everyone, the Riders survived loss of their defensive co-ordinator, key injuries, starting the year with an unproven Quarterback, loss of free agent starters and other stuff we won’t mention. For them to perservere and win the West is the simply the story of the year in the CFL. Congrats Coach Miller and staff - you deserve to be coach of the year by far. Hosting the home playoff Western Final is a huge help but the Riders have to be firing on all cylinders to win any game. It will be tough but don’t count them out as they have proven.

  4. Calgary Stampeders- What a nightmare following this team must be. Like a mediocre golfer who thinks he has solved all his problems after playing one good round, the next round is a disaster. The Stamps have been the biggest enigma this season. Other teams demise can be directly related to key injuries. On the other hand the Stamps just seem to self-destruct. So much talent, so much inconsistency. They are capable of winning it all or going out in the semis. Poor coach Huff. , he must be on medication!!!

  5. Edmonton Eskimos- a tremendous win at B.C. Place. The running game was phenomenal and of course Ricky Ray is dangerous at any time. The Esks perhaps will be the loosest team going into the playoffs cuz no one expected them to be there just a couple of weeks ago. Nothing to lose everything to gain. If they upset Calgary in Calgary - Edmontonians will go nuts!!! Well done Coach.

  6. B.C. Lions - Tough not to feel sorry for Wally’s crew. How many teams in the CFL have gone through 4 quarterbacks due to injuries in a season??? Just when the Lions appeared to be able to play with anyone with Casey at the helm, down he goes and the heart of the team just nosedived and quit. The tough luck story this season though I think they must hold the record for futility for failures on 3rd and 1 situations. I cannot recall a team that was stopped more often than the sadsack Lions in these situations. Good question for a CFL history buff to research this topic.!! I suppose one could say that expectations are so low for the Lions going into Hamilton for the playoff game due to the qb problems that they should be loose with little to lose and everything to gain. Miracles to happen in the CFL and some years awful teams win playoffs games. But this is a stretch methinks. Sorry Lions fans!

  7. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- A disaster of a season with public relations nightmares seemingly happening every week. Coach Kelly has been a disaster- quarterback decisions have been the worst seen in years just ask commentator milt stegall. The situation was and is embarrassing to the league and shameful for all the loyal Blue Bomber fans who deserve so much better. Michael Bishop has to go. Why they let Kevin Glenn go is well it is history now. Sad, sad story.

  8. Toronto Argonots!- Shameful management, coaching has destroyed CFL credibility in the city where it was most needed. This is beyond belief. Adam Rita, Grey Mohns all have to go hopefully tomorrow to help resurrect credibility. So sad for loyal CFL argo fans but the charade has to be stopped , blown up and re-built. It is tough to even make fun of the situation because the league needs a strong team in Toronto like it or not.

Playoffs should be fun with as usual CFL surprises to emerge. Congrats to the Als and Riders for winning their conferences and best luck to all teams in the Playoffs. CFL rules.

Just out of curiosity, how many people really picked the Riders to finish last? I'll admit I didn't expect them to win the division... but coming into the season, I kind of figured the Lions would finish last. That team lost far more than the Riders.

chief- just check the posts from earlier in the year and the papers across Canada in June after the pre-season .
It was almost unanimous - Riders last in the west.(outside of Saskatchewan of course- media and fans)!

WTF I agree with the Turkey two weeks in a row!
One minor note, we've had 5 QBs play. But in the end, not being able to convert on 3rd and short and our pathetic run D killed us this year.

Are you still drunk?


I'm strangley comfortable with those rankings TB...... nice

OH I forgot!! Rank Ottawa ahead of Toronto and Winnipeg!!!!! :rockin: :smiley: