New the start.. going to be tough.?

The first six games, we face the who's who in CFL football...
The Als the Esk's n the Boatmen, all have established QB's..
Since it is the first six games , these vets will be at there best..
Would much rather see some of these teams later, when there QB is either beat up, or confused ( Ray)..
But still, it is a new season..and some D help from the gades..will help..
Thats my take...hows about yours..?

i definately think its going to be tough. im not sure how we will do. but i do know last year montreal had like the second most yards against. maybe roberts can eat em up. i dont know how we'll do against the esks. id say the gamebreaker could be warner and walls laying a few big hits on ray to shake him up a little and throw him off. toronto i think will be tough. id say the same thing, allens quite old. walls and warner shake him up, and keep the ball away from their returners. also lay off a bit on the run as they dont have a great RB. maybe switch to a 3-4

I'm pissed that my All Star game got shelled, so much for the Thrid presason week.

...THE EAST LOOKS TOUGH...we will have to be hitting on all cylinders to stay in the hunt....Montreal will probably be the toughest....very seasoned and few weak spots....I sure hope Berry remembers a lot of their schemes ...could give us a leg-up...Toronto... well coached....very talented...only weak spot could be qb. if Damon finally starts acting his age...Hamilton....made huge improvements in the off-season....and with first pick in the dispersal they will see a further improvement ...with some wheeling and dealing....We could also improve greatly with the right picks in the dispersal.....will it be enough to stay in the play-off picture...I think maybe it will come down to our coaching for that answer....We definitely have the right guys behind the bench....but it will also take time to build some chemistry...and jell....Barrett in Sask. says today that he believes the cross-over is dead...if its true...we have TONS OF WORK TO DO...but we'll be there.. :arrow:...too answer your question hank...the start middle and end are going to be tough....that's my analogy :!:

no question we have a tough start.........but the entire schedule is tough for everyone, not just us, I think every game will be close this year no matter who you are facing.........I would be happy with 3 - 5 over the first 8 games this season and then start to crank it up down the stretch.........

I think the sch is ok, could be better, but under the circumstances, it's fine.

with it I think we can put off:

Mon: 1-3
SSK: 2-0
TO: 2-1
Edm: 1-1
Ham: 1-2
BC: 2-0 or 1-1 (depends on DD, I'm going with 2-0)
Cal: 1-1

so that's a 10 and 8 record (or 9 and 9), go enough for the playoffs.

4 against the Als…do you think they dont want us to do well…geez could they make it more obvious…

Very good Kanga...I like it, 10 n 8...great post...keep up the good work..

i predict that weill go 9-9 or 11-7

Sambo thinks we will go 5 and 13 or less :lol:

Its my opinion, but i could be wrong, or i could be bang on, depends on what kind of start the bombers get, if they lose their first few games it could be a long season for them, if they do ok then they have as much of a shot as anyone else, but they have a tough start playing some good teams ,so the first 2 or 3 games will tell the tale of how Winnipeg does this year

IMO, as a player, yu have to go into every game clean, as if it's the frist game of the season, and block out your record at that point. It's a new game, play it like one and remember...

"as soon as you lose your cool, you lose the battle" so you have to keep your cool.

I couldn't see the riders doing any better than us this year

It's a hard call T3, with injuries anything can happen..
Plus I heard there is some Hex thing.... put on the Riders..
Someting like, they will not win another Cup untill 2089...
You just never know, it may be true..who am I,to say different...