New schedule favors Esks

What a gift. Four extra games vs the Riders means four gimmies. It would have been more difficult to roll over the Renegades.

No matter how bad the Roughys are the Esks always have a hard time winning in Tayler Field. They are no gimmies, and there is a reason they play the games.

........the EEs play the Riders three times in regular season.......

And only 5 times in total, including preseason (counting is hard). But of course pre-season records have no worth what so ever so in fact the Esks only play one extra game against the Riders this season (two last year).

.....tough counting when one finger is up your nose.......

where was that 5th finger then?

.........I would assume that was the one remaining digit on the left hand, the hand that starred in that unfortuanate automatic milking machine accident of '83.....

the Bombers play Montreal 6 times including preseason

…It’s okay bluebombers…we have Montreals number…their playbook …and a couple of their coaches from last year…We could give them a rougher ride than the gades would have…I bet the Don isn’t losing any sleep though…at least not yet… :wink:

Thats fine but 6 times? thats alot

2 are preseason and meaningless
I do believe that everyone plays someone 5 or 6 times

if EE wins the GC again this year, there is gonna be heck to pay.

Why, they haven't won back to back since they won 5 straight in the 80's.

EE has too much influence on the league IMO and that would be the last stand.

I can deal with a under the table trade with Hamilton, but not suspending Ottawa to get a better sch. (everyone is getting better players), that's going way too far.

(if anything shady should happen, the league should fix to GC to let Ottawa make it and win.)

Under the table trade, are you still harping on that KK? Get over it, past history my friend.

hey, earl, I was fine with it, it was prefeclty ok IMO

but this isn't.

Just makes it nicer to beat the Eskies, the beer will taste better when my Cats beat these wannabee control freaks of the league.

I hope so mate, cuz I don't wanna see EE in the peg this november, the buck stops here EDMONTON!

You are all green with a little bit of gold envy 8)

dude, I'M BLUE AND GOLD!!!! well, more Blue, that for sure.

Go Bombers in 2006!!!!

I'm Blue, da bu di da bu die, da bi de da bu die...