New Sask. Stadium feasibility study released

This is pretty exciting news. Not sure how they are gonna pay for it, but would sure be great to see the Riders play in this new stadium.

The debate, which has already started, is going to be VERY heated, as you can see from some of the comments at the end of the article.

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Originally I am from Indianapolis IN, where I have seen both successful and unsuccessful indoor stadium projects at work for a relatively smaller metro area.

Metro Indianapolis is almost twice the size now at 1.2 million and counting of what it was back in April 1984 when they opened the Hoosier Dome, as it was known and always will be known to locals, though now it exists no longer in favour of the pricey Lucas Oil Stadium. :roll:

The rationale for a domed or indoor facility for smaller metro area was way back then, and still now, sounder financially from the start because indoor facilities accomodate more financing due to higher event use of such a facility and more potential to generate revenue. Many folks like me of course dread watching any kind of football in an indoor facility lest it happens to be raining. In the Hoosier Dome the experience in the stands was akin to that of sitting in a shopping mall until its later years when Manning began to thrive at the highest level. :roll:

And certainly though in the US like back then and recently, of course as you mention with the comments already Yukoner there will be rampant debate about how such a facility is funded and also many disgruntled fans who will clamour for another outdoor stadium. :roll:

"It ain't easy" and many won't be happy no matter what is done, but I do hope it gets done. :thup:

Seating would accommodate 33,000 but could be expanded to 45,000 for big events such as the Grey Cup, the report suggests.

That's awesome! The Riders were cramming 30,000 into Mosaic last season, so I've no doubt they could sellout 33,000. Shame everyone is quibbling over money, though $400 million is a lot.

Bah, we spend that on roads every summer. That's how I'd do it...everybody suck it up and drive on what we've got for one year, and that money goes into the stadium.

And, if it ain't retractable-roofed, don't build it.

Funny how so many of the negative comments at the end of the article are almost identical to the negative comments about the True North Center in Winnipeg that was build a few years ago. Seems like that stadium is doing fine.

I bet Regina builds their new retractable-domed stadium, before Ottawa finishes patching-up the foundations of their dilapidated Frank Clair stadium. :roll:

And the federal gov't should contribute 1/3 of the cost of the new stadium in Sask, like they did for BMO in Toronto and the McGill expansion in Mtl.

Percival Molson Stadium has no federal money going to the expansion. The majority of the money is coming from the provincial government ($19.3 mil) with the city ($4 mil) and the Als owner ($6 mil) contributing the rest according to media reports I've seen.

As for federal funding, the feds have committed $15 mil to Winnipeg for a new stadium with a bunch of provisions attached (ie money can only go to amateur sport components of the construction). If Saskatchewan gets more money than that from the feds then the feds will have to pony up more for Winnipeg too.

Right on ...human nature at work here with the same thing having happened in Indianapolis ...some folks quite naturally will just oppose anything new, in particular the retirees for various reasons be they financial or nostalgic or otherwise, and then once the project is done lo and behold they can't tell enough folks how great it is and blah blah blah ... :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that given the experience of Houston, Arizona, Indianapolis, and Dallas in that order, the prospect of a retractible roof actually spikes the cost, so sometimes that is a spoiler and it will not be proposed unless private financing alone wants to pay the premium for said roof.

And Artie forgoing road resurfacing one year will work because just about anywhere in North America, road construction is any given combination of government/union/mob jobs racket more than about building lasting roads. :thdn:

They'll just have to build the road with a bit better compound one year instead of to the lowest crap bidder as usual. :thdn:

I really hope you get the stadium. although i would like to see it 45,000 perm. seating. just seems not right to have only 3000 more seats then what is there now.

Actually the Als did receive a big portion of their funding for the stadium expansion (12.5 million I believe) out of the old (i.e. Liberal) infrastructure program. They got that money years ago and its been in a bank account somewhere collecting interest.

As a CFL fan, I'm pretty happy to see the Als or any CFL team getting a new stadium new stadium, but I;ve always expected someone to make a big deal out of the fact that the ulitmate benefactor of federal tax dollars is their American owner who doesn;t even live in Montreal. But, that angle never been strongly pursued by anyone as far as I know.

A link to one of a number of articles which indicate that it is provincial, city and private money paying for the expansion:
If there was federal money involved it would have been mentioned. And infastructure programs don't transfer the money to the provinces so they can let it sit in the bank.

Beautiful structure for 386.2 million. Go for it.

Pontiac Silver Dome was just bought by a Canadian for $583,000… that’s thousand.

The federal government did fund 1/3rd of the 2005 Molson stadium expansion costs through the Federal Infrastructure program. Phase 2 is now underway, but the cheapie Conservative gov't declined to participate this time. They also refused to help fund the proposed Wpg stadium, but did pledge $15 million to pay for weight training equipment in the adjoining university athletic centre, which the players could use. If the Liberals get back in, the money troughs will flow and happy days will be here again!

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OK,I dont know much about all this stuff.But say they do build,who will reap the rewards of money coming in,and whos going to own it.The Riders would make money yes,but if its owned privately,they are going to want a bigger piece of Rider profits to pay the P,I,T on all the money thats has to be paid back in time.

If I was doing this on my own,no way would I go ahead without having the main tenant under my ownership to reap those awards to pay the thing off.Just like Asper wants to do with the Bombers,and True North with the Manitoba Moose and MTSC.

And I have np with using tax money,as long it will be returned within a short time during the construction phase,or the first few years of a building being open,just like the MB gov got most of their 20m or so (reportedly) from the building of the MTSC in Wpg before it ever opened.

Here is some more info on the various configurations of the proposed new stadium. This looks like a beauty. Here is hoping it becomes a reality.

Wow is all I can say! :thup:

Looks great, although I think it should be at least 40K seating with capacity for 55-60K for grey cups.

I like the smaller capacity for non-Grey Cups. The best thing you can have is ticket demand. The easier tickets are to get, the more people are willing to wait and see. Right now, you can't because there's almost nothing left by the time individual tickets go on sale. So people like me pony up in December for season tickets to the upcoming season, otherwise we don't get to go.

There is not a sufficient demand to sell out a 40,000 seat facility, meaning you soon get the mindset that other than Labour Day, there will always be tickets. That's not a good thing.

Ottawa council will be in their fourth Royal Commision on whether to hold hearings on whether they want a stadium or not..... :roll: :roll: