new salary cap

anyne know the actual details of the new salary cap ?

i can't imagine that with our grave performances this year that we have enough talent to be anywhere near such a cap ???

these new rules could really show how poorly our management has done over the past few years ... i'm not sure i want to be subjected to more dissapointment when it comes to the cats !!!

?for how long was PaoPao,s contract for, Marshall is still owed for 2007, - ntw- they can allways sell argo,s S5&* buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does anyone actually expect the owners to follow a new salary cap? I certainly don't. What kind of penalties are they going to hand down?

I know that in the rules it said that breaking the old cap could result in a player being removed from the team. Obviously that never happened.

What will the consequences be? Will it be just a silly slap-on-the-wrist fine? Penalize cap space? Force the offending team to only serve warm beer at games?!?!? What will the penalties be!

I can't wait for the first team to violate the cap. I'm betting Tom Wright will try and hand out a harsh penalty to set an example only to find he pissed off all the owners and then he'll be fired shortly thereafter.

Back in July, 2006, Tom Wright announced that he would not be seeking an extension of his contract as CFL commissioner beyond the end of the 2006 CFL season. Whomever becomes the new CFL commissioner will have the difficult task of enforcing the new salary cap in 2007.

Straight from It was regarding the first version of the cap so things may have changed but I;m sure the system is pretty close to this:

CFL SALARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM -Core Program Components Summary

Maximum Salary Expenditure Cap (SEC) of $3.8M established for 2006.

Effective Enforcement Measures including:

Full disclosure of player compensation.
Certification process.

Hired compliance officers with full access to team records.

Salary Transparency with central repository of player salary information.

Significant non-discretionary Penalties for Breaching SEC maximum based on a progressive financial system as well as competitive measures (forfeited draft picks), to take effect in 2007.

First $100,000.00 $1 to $1
$100,000.00 to $300,000.00 $2 to $1
$300,000.00 + $3 to $1

Limit on Players Under Contract to 75 players in off-season, 68 players by training camp (current year draft choices exempt).

Active Roster Limit (ARL) increased to 42 from 40 (1 import, 1 non-import), and a 4 man Reserve Roster.

Filing of Rosters timing changed from 48 hours notice to 1 hour prior to kickoff.

Practice Roster: Each club may have a practice roster consisting of a maximum of seven 7 players in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

At least 1 place on the practice roster shall be filled by a non-import player (other than a non-import player who was a candidate in the current year CFL Canadian Draft, who is not the property of another CFL club);

If 7 places are used by a member club on it’s practice roster, at least 1 place on the practice roster shall also be filled by a non-import player who was a candidate in the current year CFL Canadian Draft, who is not the property of another CFL club.;

During 30 days during the season which coincide with the National Football League cut-down of roster period, each CFL club may increase it’s practice roster up to a maximum of twelve 12 players.

But then that would entail taking "full responsiblity" for yet another mistake, and admitting that "it turned out we were not as clever as we thought we were." Too much crow for one man to eat in just one year.