New Salary Cap/Minimum pay problems

The Cap is checked at regular intervals in season and at the end of the year

The system’s review process includes detailed field audits of all nine clubs, including following the season. Teams are also required to provide regular updates on compensation levels at the six-game, 12-game and 18-game points of the season.

The cap should have gone up more
When you give more upfront to the general roster
You’ve made things a lot tougher for the front office to keep players

While discussing football from the number$ point of view, this video report is interesting:

correction to grammar (above) is in capital letters. :roll_eyes:

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This is going to have a much bigger affect on the XFL. Especially from the PR changes.
NFL PR rosters going from 10 to 14 players.
128 prospective XFL PLayers.
NFL PR players making 10K a week guarenteed. Plus housing and meals.
XFL players can make up to almost 5K a game. About 2K of that is not guarenteed. As winning team players get about a 2K bonus.

So while some of CFL peeps are concerned with the XFL threat.
The NFL is already stepping in to squash yet another startup league like a bug.

I still can’t believe the Ticats got Larry Dean for 110k. Is there any other free agent that signed for half of his previous salary? It’s all about timing I guess. I am thinking if Dean would have signed earlier he might have gotten 170k or so .I wonder how much Tuggle got in EDM. I doubt it’s less than 140k. We sure came out on better side of that switch. I am now wondering how much Derel Walker will get as he made 280k last year. BC was very interested but I guess he didn’t budge as BC just signed two decent receivers in Rhymes and Holley. Must be the New head coach Campbell influence.
I figure Walker goes to the XFL now as no team is paying over 200 k for him at this stage of free agency.
I wonder how much Tasker will sign for.
I am assuming some team is going to get him at a real bargain like 100k.
It might be the Ticats at that price.
I agree that we should put a cao on qb’s like 500k and maybe a cap on all other players like 250k.

Amazed that that error made it past the TSN editors, not only in the headline but in the article as well. Or do media outlets still have editors, especially for their online sites?


One of my main pet peeves when it comes to correct word usage. Every Grade 5 student SHOULD know the difference. When an adult doesn’t it is truly sad. :disappointed_relieved: :poop:


Here is the results of my search under Derel Walker’s name in 3 Down Nation. Perhaps these stories might be indicative of where he will end up?

Again, I am spending other people's money here, but the salary cap should have been raised the equivalent amount to accommodate the higher minimum salary. It just seems like common sense.
The 20% raise is great for rookies, but essentially most players , except for QB's and a couple of All Stars or Canadian Linemen per team, , once you hit about $100,000 in the CFL that has become a new unofficial cap for a large group of players. Not a great way to recruit or keep talent.
The fact that they were negotiating a new TSN deal a short while ago you would think they could have found out a way to increase the cap by $100-150,000 per team.

Alls you gotta do is hit the Google machine if yer not sure . Effect is usually a

noun and affect is usually a verb . There is no excuse for the media to make

these mistakes . People on the "innernet" make errors but the pros should


Pat Lynch(We don't need no education - from Another Brick in the Wall)

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Who are we to be judgmental!
Maybe Grade 5 is all they made it to in school.
Kicked out of school in grade 6 for not shaving every day! :teddy_bear:

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As much as I dislike leaving the stadium from a game which isn't yet finished, I dislike incomplete sentences.

Your are dead son with this.
Very poor negotiating in the new cba.
The rise in the minimum comes out to what about 200K or somewhere around there.
Salary cap was raise only 50k???
Geez. A simple calculator can figure that out.

While I will leave a boring :yawning_face: game early, I will not correct someone's grammar with incorrect usage of the English language. :poop: :grinning:

I am heartened at least, that you did not plagiarize anyone.

A report about another issue for the CFL operating under the new CBA:

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The Argos have reached a bump in the road in bringing a big name north thanks to the CFL CBA.

According to TSN’s Dave Naylor, a provision in the new CBA restricts Canadian rookies — even those coming from the NFL — from making more than the league minimum of $65,000 on a three-year deal. If Jones was drafted in 2015, he would have signed a deal worth somewhere in the range of $80,000 according to Naylor.

All of this came about after the Argos signed former Detroit Lions receiver T.J. Jones to deal worth somewhere in the range of $200,000 a season.

The good news? It appears the league and the CFLPA have taken notice. The league has already approved a change in language, now it’s up to the players association.

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