New Running Back - Bloi-dei Dorzon

Hopefully he can get up to speed on the play book as quickly :thup:

If he can block better than Reid, your ahead of the game I think.

....WOW....this cat is built like a brick- hit house....He has some decent speed ....NOW can he hold on to the ball and find the holes our o line makes (supposed to make)...If he can get the playbook down quickly i want to see what this guy can do...Welcome aboard Bloi-dei...we're definitely in need of rb. help :thup:

good timing for him.

NOOOOOO , the important question is can he block... there are hundreds of RB who can carry the ball but very few that can handle a rush end...

....yeeeeeees're right the look of him do you think he can block :lol: ...Actually i forgot what a good blocking back looks like least on the Bombers....Seems to be a missing ingredient for a loooooong time here :roll:

I think right now especialy in Winnipeg that would be my first criteria in evaluating a RB... If he can slow down Odell in practice your golden, if he's slipping and falling....

The Bombers lost 3 QB's to injury last year and it looks the same for this season, protecting QB's doesn't appear to be high on Lapo's list.

I think that's his point. Thinking maybe LaPo has learned from that. I hope so. Most running backs can run the ball, not many can block.. we need some pass protection.

If Dorzon is as fast as he looks and they don't run it up the middle every play (as usual) he could have a good game. Sounds like he's pretty hyped up to make an impact :stuck_out_tongue:

I was throwing around the ball with some friends in front of my place
Few years back
When this young guy came up and introduced himself
Asked if he could toss the pigskin around with us

Turned out he was from NYC...drafted to play in the NFL
As a running back
1st thing I asked was, "How good a blocker are you?"
He got a sour look on his face and said, "Blocker? Man I'm a running back."

Needless to say
I never heard of him again
Wonder what he's doing these days?