New Rules what do you think?

It's been two weeks now into the regular season of the CFL but I like the new rules that were implemented this season and certainly the extra point convert from the 32 yard line or the 2 point convert attempt from the 3 just adds to the excitement of the game.

The new rules on offence and defence with the holding or contact in the five yard zone is good and I think many players are still adjusting but overall I like the new rules.

What do Tiger-Cat fans think of the new rules now that we have played a couple of weeks of the 2015 season?


IMHO, so far, it’s been a flagfest. However, I’ll give the new rules a few more games before deciding what I really think of them.
One new rule I definitely don’t like is the 2 point convert option from the 3 yd. line.

The new pass interference rules are a little bit funky too. I'm not sure the refs even get them.

New Illegal Contact - It's excessive, give 'em 10 a ten yard buffer, problem solved.

Convert Kicking - Love the distance. Makes having a automatic kicker so much more important.

2 Pt Convert - Push it back to the 5 yard line, 3 is too short.

Interior Line Halt - I like it because we have a great returner, I'm sure other teams loathe it. Kinda indifferent to it.

What I would like to see

Of 3 QBs, one must be Canadian - Force the league to develop and sign CIS QBs

Rules that encourage kicker to be a tackler as well - Which I guess the Interior line halt, kinda does

No Objectionable Conduct for the Flag throw gesture - Refs need to get over this, and it could be a signal to the coach to make a challenge. Shouldn't be Objectionable conduct.

hammer: :thup: :thup: :thup: Good suggestions. I like the changes…but some tweaking would help. Especially the requirement for a Canadian QB.

I have to agree with the 2-point convert, should be a little farther back (but as we saw in Sask, still not automatic even at that range).

As for objectionable conduct for the flag throw gesture - fully agree. No need for it unless the player actually gets in the ref's face or starts yelling/intimidating him. That would qualify, but the little arm wave hardly counts as objectionable conduct, IMO. Overreacting by the officials.

Actually, the 5-yard buffer is consistent with all other levels of football, from "Pop Warner" -> NCAA -> NFL. To me, it actually opens up the field, allows the receivers to show their skills, and gets rid of the DBs that cannot cover properly.

Yup, and having Medlock is a luxury!

I disagree, it encourages more scoring, yet stilll gives the defence a chance.

It seems to have opened things up a bit, but good ST coordinators can scheme for it.

I would rather see a 4th National QB added to EVERY roster with no Cap hit.

Nope - too valuable.

Sorry, IMHO that's the most immature gesture in football, and it needs to be stamped out. I FULLY agree with the Refs for flagging players for this (yes, even Banks).