In the interest of VIPs, the CFL has decided that all players who are not dressed (yes, that includes those who just got injured and have played and struggled and practised all year long) have to sit in the stands!!! There is apparently only so much room on the sidelines and it is being given up to VIPs (non-players)

Wow - what a way to teach kids what matters most in sports!!!! So much for the spirit of the game, the comaraderie!

Yeah that is brutal!

VIP isn't a VIP unless they can afford a box, screw the VIPs

This will cause a dodoo storm count on it. wouldn't mind telling us where you got this from, would you? I would assume, of course, that you have some type of source you can link to. Otherwise, I'll reserve my judgment...

Good point?

Couldn't find this by googling?????

This is probably for the Grey cup game. people paying 300.00 for a ticket should be able to see the field. If they don't control the teams. The sidelines will be so packed that all of those in the lower section won't see anything. If the Als paid 3 million dollars for the right to host the game they should be able to control the experience for paying fans.Just me...

I'm with the injured players, where have the VIP's been all year?

Wow - What a stupid, disgusting way to grab money.
Hey, all Eski fans - that means that if we had made it to the Grey Cup, Tuker would not have been able to stand amongst his team mates to cheer them on and inspire them - SHAME.


This is not a rumour folks. Ask the Commissioner who is keeping this quiet. This info is on good authority. It is a fact (unless the league is shamed into realizing how disgusting this decision is).

Watch out, anyone who is in the league - don't get hurt because you are "dirt" according to the money men!

So Tucker - thanks for the inspiration, you helped the Esks out, but if you were in the Grey Cup, you can sit in your seat now and too bad for you.


New name, mthomas, but no source yet...

Is this McMahons alter ego by chance?

Maybe his source is the Brothers Grim?
Perhaps Hans Christen Andersen?

This is not about ex-players, this is not about "celebrity" players. This is about the guys who have gone to practices, games, training supporting their team as a player (Al or Stamp) for the year. For the first time - this season, or any other year in memory these players are banished from the field to make room for politicians, business men and who knows who so that the field isn't too crowded.Hey- I really thought this was about the game and about the players!

I understand the need to control the field of view on the sidelines. And I certainly understand the Als' desire to make money, given that they actually lose money at Molson Stadium all year long so games at the big O have to be cash cows to keep the team afloat. But if it's true, this is an awful idea, really classless, and disrespectful to the players who make this event possible.

It's bad but you need to remember that these players, even if their team wins, will not be Grey Cup champions. The Grey Cup is considered to be won only by the President, GM, Coach and players dressed for the game. So if AC broke his leg tmrw but the Als won, his name won't be on the Grey Cup.

I understand that this is slightly different cause this letting the the player experience the the game for himself as opposed to his acknowledging his legacy for those in the future. Also if other guys like Asst Coaches are down there (whose names won't be on the Cup why shouldn't the players - cause they can give advice as much as any other player) why shouldn't these guys. That being said, I'm sure if a team is about to win those players will be allowed to come down on the sidelines and take part in the post game stuff.

As for why VIPs are down there, well i woudl think thats completely money driven, but we have to remember that this is a business and i'm sure the injured players feel as helpless sitting in the stands or a box as they would having to sit on the sidelines in a VIP chair.

So i know its tough to say but you have to remember that Grey Cup tradition states that those injured/scratched players are not technically part of the team, no matter what their contributions are during the year. Maybe that is part of the logic behind this decision.

Islander speaks from the pocket, not the heart: Must be the Commissioner or someone from the league office?

If you ever played on a team sport - you would see this as a classless way to treat those that bring you the game: the players!
No explanation or excuse can possibly make this decision (a first) acceptable.

You got me - I'm the guy in the league office in charge of propaganda: Joseph Fumbbels :stuck_out_tongue:

Not trying to defend the decision from a moral point of view. I've been in sporting events where i couldn't play in a game (nothing close to a Grey Cup, not evena championship game mind you) and it feels horrible to not be able to play and i can't imagine how hard it would be to also not be able to be with the team. But someone needs to be the devils advocate in order to make the debate fair. I don't get the decision myself, how much can half a dozen guys in suits or warm up gear ruin the game or someone's view or actually infringe onthe ability of VIPs to get field side.

Long story short, if the decision is money motivated then morally its pretty bad, if its siply a new league policy stemming from the fact that these players aren't technically part of the team then the situation is a little more Grey (pardon the pun)....just playing devils advocate.

Im still waiting for a link to back up this claim

...and I'm waiting for him to combine his multiple personalities into one...

untill this has been substantiated, i'm calling it a bunch of hot air.