New rules for 2009

-Moving back the kickoff following a safety touch to reduce the number of times a team chooses to take a knee in its own end zone.

-Giving coaches the green light to use so-called wildcat formations that would move the quarterback around, instead of requiring him to stand behind or under centre.

-Requiring a team that kicks a successful field goal to then kick off to its opponents, increasing the number of kick returns.

-Awarding a team a third instant replay challenge if its first two challenges are successful.

For the most part I like the rule changes, I am interested in seeing how the "wildcat" formations work but I reserve judgement on that one until I have seen it in action. :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

Agree, I like these rule changes. Especially like moving the kickoff back after a safety touch. :thup:

I'm less than pleased about the additional replay but otherwise they're good rules. The one about safety touches is great, those were getting a bit too common.

I like these rules. If anyone wants to know why the CFL is so great, this is it. It listens to its fans!

The NHL should start taking note.

I like all these rule changes, but they might have to move the kickoff back even further if they truly wish to decrease the number of times teams concede safeties. I guess they are taking a wait and see approach to see how ten yards will affect it. I have a feeling this rule may be altered some more in coming seasons though.

I see these rule changes as not only asanine, but also an insult to the history of Canadian football.

I am agrevated that media hype, and fan hysteria has been allowed to influence the the canadain game so poorly. When i heard of these rules being aproved, I was not only grossly disapointed, I became less proud of a sport and league that i feel so passionately about.



does anyone seriously think this will change a coaches decision to conceed the safety, rather than turn the ball over in his own zone and allow a touchdown?

If you are really, absolutely convinced that this will be the reaction across the league... well... to be tactful, perhaps football is not the sport for you.

While I'm on this point also I have to ask, did the entire nation forget that the canadian field is 110 yards long, not 100? meanin a safety punt now is really is more likely to result in nothing more than stalled drives, and long, drawn out defencive battles for field position.

Is this interesting to the general veiwing public? The answer can safely be measure as: No.



this may be the most asanine of all 2009 rule changes, with #4 a very, very close second.

the designated QB rule was there to protect the players, and to help Refs properly call roughing the passer. In a league with 12 players on offence, with only 5 required on the line at the time of scrimmage, (oh, and the QB so for the sake of argument say 6) there are still 6 potential recievers on the field, all of whom, are intitled to be in motion towards the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap.

In nothing less than jarring contrast, the NFL requires the same 5 man scrimmage, with only 1 player allowed to be in motion at the time of the snap, and all others needing to have both feet planted for a minimum of 2 full seconds before the snap.

to all of you that have adapted mob mentality and think this is a great step forward for the CFL, that want to see direct snaps to the Wide out, followed by a hand off to the full back, then a lateral to the QB, and finally an option pass/scramble. Look up the schedual for your local 7 - 7 touch football league, and you will see exactly that.


I some how feel it's safe to assume most fans are unaware that the option to scrimmage after a field goal has existed in canadian foot ball since roughly 1897 and was in use by the Ontario Rugby Footbal Union, the Quebec Rugby Football Union, The Interprovincial Rugby Football Union(Wich three would amalgamate later and evolve into the Canadia Rugby Football Union with play commencing in the western and prarie provinces, and the become the parent organization of none other that todays Canadian Football Leauge), the Inter-Colleiate Rugby football Union and it was a rule that was used before they could all agree on UNIFORMED SCORING AND POINT VALUES.

this is something that has existed since pre-1906, and the "Burnside Rules" wich later gave rise to the down system, and forward passes.

I suppose the problem with having a history and tradition well beyond 100 years is that people tend, to forget
(the americans seemingly forgot that we tought them how to play the sport in 1867, in a game between Harvard, and McGill university)

So, I would very dryly like to like to applaude the CFL Rules Committee for succesfully destroying a centurie of history in one single fell swoop.


one of the intrinsic nueances that separates canadian and american foot ball is the pace of our game.

before i continue on this line of thought, I would like to raise the issue that this rule is intirely conditional, and quite plainly gives one coach an unfair advantage over the other.

now, to return to the pace of the game; The CFL Rule book allots teams 30 seconds for a time out. A challenge, if used, and failed, will take the place of the time out. we can then assume that a time out, has the same value as a challenge. this is wholy wrong.

A challenge, or video review is assinged an astonishing 1.5 minutes, or 90 seconds, or... three times the length of a time out. during this time, the game comes to a grinding hault. in addition, after the rule is given, the spot of the ball may need to be reset, and then there is still a 20 second play clock. ammounting to nearly 2 full minutes of stoppage or more.

ask me, and if my team is dissadvantaged because of the outcome of a questionable play, i challenge no matter what. either the play stands, and i've had three times as long to adjust my strategy and send out the proper squad, or it's over turned and my players have had 2 full minutes of rest.

so, we've given a coach the ability to stop play for nearly 6 minutes, and that's without using his teams time outs. for nothing more than a keen eye and an whack of luck.

to those of you that loved fast paced canadian football, and games decided in the final minute, wave "Bye, Bye"

Tell you what about the wildcat formation.

the very first time you see a QB line up as a wide out, and he is injured by press coverage, or a blitzing defencive half back, is the last time you see the "wild cat" formation in canadian football

Yeah and that's a rational argument since NFL teams have used the wildcat formation to varying degrees with their $10 million quarterbacks.

You sound bitter.

reguarding the wildcat... does a team have to have one of the designated QB's on the field, or could you just put your third running back out and call him the qb. sorry if this is a dumb question, its just a rule that has confused me a little in the past. this could be fun for someone like K.J. who was a db in other leagues, so he has the speed ot be a reciever. n e ways, thanx for the help guys.

One of your 3 designated QBs must be on the field. Actually, I don’t think it is all that dumb a question. A team like Toronto, with KJ and perhaps more importantly, Reggie McNeal, will benefit more than some teams. But as the wildcat is inherently a trick play, surprise is an important aspect. So when Anthony Calvillo lines up wideside, look out…

too bad danny mac isnt playing anymore. what a gas to see him line up in slot or wide out.

No. You don't have to have one of your QB's on the field. The jumbo offence and the direct snap to the RB with an extra linemen were legal, and used occasionally. But you can only have one, and he must be lined up behind center and cannot play in any position other than QB. Not sure which aspects of this rule will change until the new rulebook is released.

The qb dose not have to line up behind the center in the wild cat formation. IMHO its a complicated flea flicker play that most cfl defences will stuff and it will go away quietly.

Yeah Chad Pennington is a real speed demon LOL! and what if Shane Boyd or Macpherson are on the field with Calvillo? I don’t know that the Wildcat will be used much because of the short camp and practice times in the CFL but it will come down to coaching more then anything. If a team starts pulling it off succesfuly and consistently then they will all follow.

[url=] ... k_2009.pdf[/url]
2009 CFL RULE CHANGES 1) Rule 1 Conduct of the Game – Helmets – sentence added: Any player’s chinstrap must be completely fastened prior to the snap. (Page 20) 2) Rule 3 Scoring – Field Goal - After a field goal there are only two options to the team scored upon, kickoff from their own 35-yard line or receive a kickoff from the opponents 35-yard line. (Page 27) 3) Rule 3 Scoring – Safety Touch - After a Safety Touch, there are still three options to the scoring team: kickoff from their 35-yard line, scrimmage at their 35- yard line or receive a kickoff from the opponent’s 25-yard line. (Page 27 & 28) 4) Rule 4 Scrimmage – Designated QB’s - Designated QB is not required to line up in a position to receive the snap (Page 35) 5) Rule 5 Kicking – Illegal Interference - Illegal Interference by the kicking team while the ball is in the air will be applied at the point possession is gained by the receiving team. (Page 38) 6) Rule 7 Fouls and Penalties – Crackback Blocks - The rule regarding Crackback Blocks has been amended to penalize any outside-in block below the waist. (Page 53 & 54) 7) Instant Replay – Type of Reviewable Play added - Simultaneous catch has been added to the list of reviewable plays. (Page 71) 8) Instant Replay Overview – Number of Challenges - If a team is successful on their first two replay challenges they will be granted a third challenge. (Page 16 & 68) Note: All 2009 rule changes have been printed in bold.
Article 5 – Designated Quarterback Prior to the game, a team is required to designate three players who shall be permitted to alternate for each other during the game at the quarterback position exclusively. Not more than one such player may be in the game at any time and none of the three can enter the game as a member of Team B. PENALTY: L25 PLS DR or L25 PBD or option NOTE: For the purposes of this Article 5, the duties of the quarterback position may include punting, place kicking and kicking off. If a team designates three quarterbacks for a game, the player designated as the third quarterback shall not be eligible for kicking duties.
The rulebook doesn't define the quarterback position anywhere, so you could likely get away with playing the quarterback in any position, as long as you only had one at a time on the field.

Some team should throw the stupid rule in the league's face and put their punter/kicker as their #2 QB, and use the #3 QB spot for an import MLB or safety.