New Rule

Lets just call this the common sense rule. If your starting QB cannot put up more than 10 points in a half, you make a QB change. The past few years every coach who has come in here waits far to long to make the switch. Chang has more upside than Mass so start him and have Mass come off the bench when he struggles. With 25 new players we are going to have a learning curve so lets get Chang the playing time he needs to be a star in this league.

Three Quick Questions:

Why do we not leave Lumsden and Holmes in the backfield more often?

What was Brock wearing around his waist?

Where is our number one draft pick?

Did you watch the game?

The receivers were responsible for the low scoring, not Maas.

Oh, and Setta missed a FG which would have given us 13 points for the half.

Hey I like that idea with the BEAST ( lumsden ) and Express ( holmes ) both in the backfield.
I dont understand why Charlie hasnt did more of it, when his playbook calls for it.

Sorry my rule has no exceptions you need more than 10 points or you don't start the second half. Make up your own rule :lol:

What was Brock wearing around his waist?
I was wondering that myself......

hmmmmm, perhaps the 'proverbial' short leash?



(couldn't resist)

His purse!

What they should attempt to do against their next eastern challenge is start Chang and if he struggle is replace him with Maas..the ole Switcheroo. This will show if the Chang set the momentum for the offence..and if not then Maas can take the reins once again.

I believe that Maas should still start against BC, they are a deadly team in the CFL and by far the best team this year. He has experience against the BC defence and he would be a safer fit against the powerhouse lions.

Chang should be given the go ahead against a weaker opponent like the Stamps, or another eastern rival. I am split down the middle on who I believe should lead this team. I think that Maas has lost his way and his injury effected not only his physical play but his mental play as well.

Chang has great enthuasiam and energy. He is young and powerful, but he has not been part of this league long at all and still has a lot to learn. He is eager and has shown that with time he will be a force to be recogned with in the CFL.

Now I don't know if Maas takes to the roll of mentor very well I havent seen him in practice but he seems to be supportive during games but with proper teaching by a veteran in the league Chang will impress.

Maybe Coach Taffe will decide to run the 2 qb's as a tandum unit, but only time will tell.