New Rule??

Anyone ever think that a rule for the punter should be enforced?? Such as a time limit to how long he can keep his leg up, because teams (not just the riders) screw themselves because they cant’ stop or evade so they run into the leg, or else they are looking downfield where the ball went and dont’ see the leg and boom! impact. I think this is a cheap penalty by the kicker’s so i think i time limit should be enforced. IMHO anyway. What is everyone’s opinion?

I think they call it the Ruoff rule.
He was great at getting all twisted up and breaking his Hanson style glasses with his bar face mask.

I don’t think they could enforce it ,I would hate to see them take all these little stratigies out of the game . The rule is there to protect the kicker if he can use it to his advantige why not ,

if they are running looking backwards to see where the ball went and run into the kicker because they are too stupid to avoid the kicker they can get a penalty. here is a hint… the ball went downfield. you should no stop running towards the kicker because the ball is no longer there. maybe even turn your body around run the other direction and get involved in the play if you can. but remember the person with the ball is now on your team so try not to tackle them if you can remember this. maybe find someone on the other team to block if the chance comes up. but not from behind. if this seems confusing, i suggest just sit down on the turf once the ball is kicked until someone more cognitive can let you know when the play is over so you don’t cause any further problems.

really people, it is a simple rule. i don’t care if the kicker stands there with his leg in the air until the whistle blows. don’t hit him. yes contacting the kicker is a frustrating penalty when it goes against you but it is not the rule that is to blame it is the player playing carelessly.

it was just a thought :frowning:

no problem with thinking. i just think coaches should run players into the ground when they consistently take stupid penalties.

I could be wrong on this, but I seem to recall that this involves referee discretion. If the ref feels the player is holding the leg up longer than one would reasonably expect he does not have to call contacting. Rouighing the kicker is another matter though - no discretion there. As I said, I could be wrong on this - are there any ref types on the forum who can straighten this out for us?
As has been mentioned, a definite rule would be hard to enforce, and ref discretion is invariably frustrating for one team and fans or the other.