New rule stating you must dress 3 quarterbacks

By QBs I assume you mean the FeLions???

The third string QB should have to WEAR a dress.

If it is Felions, I suddenly do not like that idea.

Why do you assume that all the posters here are male? You know what they say about people who assume.

And yes I'm another woman who wouldn't mind the naked QB rule although I would say thanks but no thanks to a naked O-lineman rule.

even if they let all 3 wear regular uniforms instead of dresses, that would be ok too

Priceless. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

[i]Why do you assume that all the posters here are male? You know what they say about people who assume.

And yes I'm another woman who wouldn't mind the naked QB rule although I would say thanks but no thanks to a naked O-lineman rule.[/i]

You're definitely right there Blue Blood! Hey, in my next life I want to come back as a big 300 pounder O-lineman, I don't know, they just look cool albeit maybe not sexy sleaky and that. :wink:

Can you still do that now, or has that practice been banned?

maybe they should have a section on our profiles that says what sex we are.

mine would say: quite frequently :lol:

Er, with yourself doesn't count, no matter how willing you might have been.....

You say that now but theres a reason the male parts always go inside something or are completely ignored.

Back in ancient greece if they had any idea what a football was and the massive amount of rules affiliated with the game they wouldnt have to dress for the game my point is that how could the league spit in the face of all that hypothetical yet improbably history. If it did happen like that theyd be spinning in their graves

Ya like 98% of the imports are any better, YOu probably have never even watched a CIS game , have you, There are at least 3 in CIS now who could do better than alot of the Imports who get preferred treatment!! :twisted: :thdn: Time to put the Canadians back into Canadian football!!! :thup:

The Canadian Kids freely admit they 're behind the U'S kids in development. The U.S kids play all year around and have a development system that we will never compare with. Football is not even are NO 3 sport in Canada, Texas high school football has their kids , in camps all year round. Our kids use football to fill time before hockey season starts. The population of the States is over 300 million and their society treats football like we do hockey, it's not to hard to figure out, why we are behind.
I do think they should allow a extra spot on the practice roster for a canadian QB , so he can finish developing and be on a level playing field when he competes for a job.

I go to at least 4 Bison games a year , so your wrong again .

If the Canadian kids are behind, I wonder if it would make it easier for them if the rules switched to 4 downs in college and the CFL. Not that I'm advocating for that but 4 downs is an easier game as others have said on this forum which is one reason why some high schools have switched in Canada to 4 downs, one reason perhaps.

I think the league has a responsability to be honest when it comes to development of the game in Canada and I don't think they are. Take , take , take...

You are probably correct that lots more could be done. The problem is money. For the longest time, the CFL had none. By contrast, the NFL had run out of room to store all of its money, which made giving a little back to developing the youth of the game not only made sense, but could be paid for without issue.

It's only in the last couple or three years the CFL hasn't been on the brink of one financial crisis or another....

careful Earl, what you speak of is heresy!

4 down ball is easier, true, but it isn't as entertaining. I personally like how it speeds up football, and it is IMHO (likely a fact) one of the reasons the CFL game gives trailing teams time to make a comeback and have a realistic chance at winning.

I would claim it's the NFL, and especially Arena football, that would stand to benefit from 3 down ball, not the other way around.

I agree with you totally, backinblack.

NFL field when compared to ours is shorter, narrower, and with shallower endzones. For sure their game would benefit from going to 3 downs.

Hey guys, you don't have to preach to me, I'll take 3 downs all the way for all leagues any country. I am just looking for a way to help our Canadian kids develop as qb's. But I dont' think going to 4 downs is the answer really. I just hope the CFL makes some sort of incentive for teams to dress 3 qb's so we don't see a situation like in Toronto where they dressed just 2, for whatever reason, and put Joseph back in where perhaps they shouldn't have for his health. And I'd really like to see that 3rd qb dressed to be Canadian without having to mandate that, just provide an incentive of some sort for teams to do this.

One can always just bring up the threat of passing a law that makes it mandatory to not only dress 3 QBs, but make one of them a Canadian, to get teams to try and get a Canadian with decent QB talent.

I bit unrelated but, I once bought up a rule, and sent it during that rule suggestion survey in February which didn't make the cut but it was more the idea of them to serious contemplate it rather than do it, in response to players faking injuries just to have more time to rest, that the CFL adopt the old AFL rule on substitutions. Where if a player came out of the game for whatever reason like via injury, and was subbed, he was ruled "dead," and couldn't be used again until the current quarter had ended. Again, while I'm not serious in having this as a real rule, I feel the league should just discuss it, and hopefully any serious talk about this rule would get players to wise up and end the practice. The same strategy can be said about having a rule that every team has one mandatory Canadian QB.