New rule stating you must dress 3 quarterbacks

Dave Naylor suggests the league should adopt this in light of the Argos situation. Yes, no? I don't think so myself as teams should be allowed flexibility in this area, just what I think.

But sometime this off-season, commissioner Mark Cohon would be doing his league a favour by introducing a rule requiring all teams to dress three quarterbacks starting in 2010.

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Good idea providing 1 of the 3 is a Canadian. Show us your stuff Cohon :roll:

Be lucky to find two Canadian third stringers !

Why on earth would you want that?

I second that, time to see some Canadian QB talent, even if the player is third in line.

It would certainly prevent a coach from putting a player with a concussion back into a game. There's not enough quality Canadian QB's to put one in there, you'd just end up having a coach put a Canadian special teams player as their 3rd qb if that was the case.

How many former CIS QBs play in the CFL? isn't there enough of them to fill the third sting?

mind you, since it might have been a while still they were QB, they are more than likely rubbish, but what third sting QB (with a few notable exceptions like BC, who is very skilled at finding QBs) isn't?

I don't have a problem with them using their NI QB for special teams, short yardage stuff or whatever as long as he has a QB designated number and he can't be used at any of the other 23 positions.

I remember Gerry Datillio taking snaps and playing on special teams.

It would certainly prevent a coach from putting a player with a concussion back into a game.

That's a good point Dust for sure. Remember Dalillio in that role as well HfxTC, filled the role nicely.

Gerry Datillo was first string in his last year with the Als. Unfortunatly, fan attendance was poor and the team brought Vince Feragamo in as QB. I was hoping, at that time, that Datillo would remain as Als QB. He did play well the season he was first string QB. Unfortunately the All Pro, All American QB was given the job with a $300 000 salary.

I remember very well...he was also the holder for kickers. He was not a star QB but he did well considering. He owns a hardware store in the Calgary area I believe. He also went out of his way to speak French. A real classy guy. :thup:

I dont like being forced to dress all 3 qbs. I think one of them should be allowed to be nude.

I like this idea. :thup: :wink:

We’re talking the Lingerie League now, right?

No no...males only...I insist...

Gonna have to pay them a lot to hang out on the sideline in October. Those watermelons may come in handy :?

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